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Over the years I have had friends as well ask subscribers ask me about minimalist shoe options for their restaurant needs. Whether you are a server, a chef or even work near a commercial kitchen, non-slip shoes are a requirement. However, most businesses require the shoes to not only be non-slip but also black and made of leather. Up until recently, I hadn’t come across anything on the market that fit those specifications. Well, that was up until a few weeks ago. XERO Shoes released their Prio All-Day SR model and I finally have something that I could recommend to my friends.

The Prio All-Day SR are made from full grain leather. That will help keep the unwanted kitchen crud from sticking to them. They feature a wide toe box as well as a zero-drop heel. They come with insoles and offer a tension strap for even further comfort. And of course… the rubber soles are slip-resistant.

These XERO Shoes are designed for the service industry but they still make a great comfortable shoe for those of us who are not in that industry.


If you are in the service industry and need a great pair of minimalist work shoes, definitely take a look at these new Prio All-Day SR shoes by XERO Shoes.

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