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I have been running various races and other running events, wearing strictly minimalist footwear since 2009. I feel more grounded with minimalist shoes and I feel my muscles and tendons being activated with each passing step. I certainly do not recommend the minimalist approach to everyone but I do encourage everyone to give them an initial try. Only then can you see if minimalist shoes are the right choice for you.

Recently, Xero Shoes contacted me and asked if I was willing to provide an honest review in return for a pair of their latest Prio shoes; the Prio Suede shoes. I have worn extensively other Prio models and am a fan. I replied back to Xero Shoes and accepted their offer.

The Prio Suede shoes arrived and I quickly unboxed them.

The Prio Suede shoes had many aspects that I expected such as a wide toe box, tension straps, good laces, zero drop sole. But there were other aspects that I didn’t expect such as the look. These Prio Suede minimalist shoes looked really cool! I could easily wear them on the trail as well as to a night out on the town with my wife. They also had more consistency to their build. I have clients that are beginning to give minimalist shoes a try but complain that they need shoes with more protection. These Prio Suede shoes may be a good option for them.


  • Our iconic responsive, flexible, zero-drop sole
  • Super light with breathable mesh and a wide toe box
  • Athletic FeelTrue® Sole
  • Lightweight Comfort
  • Stability and Control
  • Dual-direction tread and tensioning strap system


If you want a pair of minimalist shoes that perform great on the track as well as the trail the; Let’s not forget their great new look… Consider these Prio Suede shoes by Xero Shoes.

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