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Release the Tension in Your Forearms and Wrists with These ExercisesKettlebell training and practice has a ton of benefits as we all well know. Unfortunately, it also wreaks havoc  on our body during certain protocols. We tend to over-grip the kettlebell but even performing all the biomechanics correctly, it still leaves us with certain issues that we need to address.

We need to Release the Tension in our Forearms and Wrists.

Tightness in the forearms leads to discomfort as well as grip fatigue. By restoring our range of motion via the drills contained in the video below, we will minimize the tension that is created by my Force Factor Kettlebell Program.

Take a look at the video tutorial below. It contains a few drills to help release the tension in your forearms and aide in keeping your wrists tuned and mobile so that you can address the kettlebell safely and correctly every time that you perform your practice. We do not only want to be finely tuned for our workouts and kettlebell training; We want to make sure that we are primed to handle whatever life throws at us throughout the day.

We do not want our lifestyle impeded just because we choose to use kettlebells. Kettlebells are intended to make us better overall, NOT the opposite.

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