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Here is my video review of the BULZi Tactical Wedding Ring:

I enjoy wearing a watch on special occasions but other than that, jewelry is not really my thing. I do wear a parachord bracelet and necklace that I made years ago. But when it comes to wedding rings, now that is a whole other matter.

With my active lifestyle, wearing a standard wedding ring made of precious metals was not an option if I wanted to keep my wedding finger for future use.. However, as I travel for work I feel the need to “represent” for my wife and family that cannot be with me. It also gives me a great mental boost when times are tough. I just look at the ring on my finger, think of my family (the purpose why I am away in the first place) and things get that much better. It also adds to my credibility when I teach overseas. Initially, I am fully judged by my appearance. When the students know that I am married but choose not to wear a wedding ring; they may question my loyalty on a whole. Language barriers, long travel times, different new customs.. these are tough enough for me to deal with. Any small token or tool that helps me to acclimatize to my teaching environment faster; hey- I’m All In!

-In a survival situation, any momento that reminds you of home and helps give you purpose can be a great aide in an emergency situation.

Still, for years, I couldn’t find a ring that I could put on and just forget about it, regardless of the mission at hand. I tried other silicone/rubber type rings but after prolonged use, they became annoying in one way or another. Mainly it was due to sweating and the way that the rubber rings tended to just cling on.

I came across the BULZi Tactical Wedding Ring. What intrigued me was it’s design which included these little beads on the inside allowing air or in my case sweat to flow through it. I decided to get a BULZi and have been happy with it’s performance. I have left it on non-stop for the past 3 months to make sure that I put it through the full test. I didn’t want any surprises in the future; especially in the field. So far it has been a winner.

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