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Here Is My Video Review On The Chuckit! Dog Bed:

If you have spent more than 5 minutes on my website, by now you probably realize that I have my dogs with me as often as I can. They are much more than dogs to me; They are family. – Cliche’, I know, but still true.. Having them with me adds another layer of responsibility. They are basically dependent on me for many of their needs so I need to prepare ahead of time so that I can have things run as smooth as possible. I have to be conscious of the weather, their water needs, food intake, ticks, wild animals, other dogs, idiotic people and.. I can go on forever. I keep my dogs’ well being in mind but I also focus on their comfort.

When I choose my gear for my go bag, comfort is something that tops the list. When I am comfortable, I am more productive and more relaxed for the mission at hand. Obviously, it is no different for my dogs. When I choose gear to carry out with me in the field, I want it to be multiple-purpose in order to justify the added bulk & weight. Recently, I was sent a Chuckit! Travel Dog Bed to review and from my tests in the field, this travel bed fits the bill.

A travel bed for your dog, when used in the field or anywhere, undoubtedly adds to their comfort. But there are other factors that justify me adding this dog bed to my gear. First off, it forms a great barrier from the ground to help my dogs retain their body heat while they rest. Another added benefit is that during deer tick season here in the Northeast, instead of my dogs laying on tick infested leaves, they can relax on their Chuckit! Bed which adds a layer of protection. I use this travel bed in my Jeep when my dogs are in the back and I also use it in my backyard while we sit around the fire-pit drinking some great American IPA. Umm.. The IPA is strictly for me.. 😉 The more applications that I use this bed for, the more comfortable that my dogs become with it. This definitely helps in emergency situations because it will give my dogs a bit of known comfort during those stressful situations.

If you feel that your dog or pet can benefit from a travel bed than this is a great option for you to consider.


  • From small to large pets
  • Polyester microfiber on top offers a soft and suede feel; durable ripstop nylon cover on bottom
  • Machine washable design features double offset quilting throughout that eliminates material separating and shifting during the laundering process – no clumps!
  • Bed is 30 inches by 39 inches in size, ideal for large to small dogs
  • Travel Bed comes with a 9 x 15 in. nylon stuff sack
  • Water resistent nylon cover on the bottom
  • Dry’s quickly
  • Dimensions 39 x 30 x 4 inches
  • Weight 1.5 pounds

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