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Here Is My Video Review Of The TCT Dry Bags:

Owning high-speed gear is something that all of us think about more often than we probably should. We thoroughly research our equipment and generally put it to the test as often as we can. We know that when emergency situations arise, the last thing that we need is faulty gear. Our gear needs be to ready to handle any challenge but just as importantly, it needs to keep us comfortable so that we can accomplish the mission at hand.

One thing that I see overlooked is the need to keep our gear dry; specifically our clothes. More often than not, when I run backpacking treks in the rain, there is always someone that gets to basecamp with their clothes as soaked as a wet sponge. Sure, they packed all the gear that was recommended via our checklist but unfortunately, that personal gear is now unserviceable. If these newer members would have stowed their gear in a waterproof bag, their experience in the field would have turned out to be more fruitful. Being wet and miserable on a trek is not a lesson that you want to learn firsthand. Then again, it probably won’t happen a second time so we all have various ways of learning.. 😉

Recently I was sent a set of Dry Bags by The Camping Trail. From the minute that I opened up the UPS box, I knew that these dry bags were going to be very popular with our NTC members. The quality, attention to detail in their construction and customer service were spot on right from the get-go. My immediate thought was to get in the field and give these waterproof bags a thorough test to see how they would hold up. We had a scheduled hike with the NTC Tribe members this past Saturday which would be an ideal scenario to put these dry bags to the test. So I waited..

We met Saturday morning, went through our usual warmup to loosen up & we began our hike. I put the 20L bag through everything that these trails had to offer. As usual.. I felt that these waterproof bags had much more to give so I decided to further “examine” these bags once I got home. Let’s just say that the more that I tested these Dry Bags, the more impressed that I became.

I left the 20L bag in the pouring rain for 3 hours. As if that wasn’t enough, I threw the Dry Bag in my pool for 30 minutes and let it float around as the wind blew the Dry Bag all around the pool. Once I was done with the floating test, I needed to get the slimy green water from pool pool off the bag. I hooked up the water hose to full speed and doused this bag as if it were a burning building. The Dry Bag stood up to each test, like a champ, while keeping my clothes completely dry.

If you are in need of premium waterproof bags that are multi-purpose, take a look at these Dry Bags. I Have a feeling that you will appreciate them as much as I do!


  • Premium Dry Bags By The Camping Trail. A 20L (675oz) Waterproof Bag Featuring Purge Valve For Easy Compression Quality 500d PVC Tarpaulin, Shoulder Strap And A Bonus 5ltr 170oz Waterproof Dry Bag
  • WATERPROOF BAG FOR ALL YOUR GEAR- the 20L and 5l dry sacks offer protection from water, snow, sand and dirt. The purge valve allows you to compress the 20L dry bag making packing it much easier plus it has a clear window in the rear so you can always find what you need, a carry strap on the 20L large dry plus a bonus 5l small dry sack which is great for smaller items like wallets and keys.
  • QUALITY 500D PVC TARPAULIN RATHER THAN COATED NYLON- these waterproof bags look great but the heavier material means more protection and better waterproofing and storage for your gear, great for kayaking, boating, camping, hiking, backpacking, skiing, diving, fishing, motor biking, push biking really anywhere you want to keep your gear dry, clean and easy to find.


  • Each dry bag is laser cut, double stitched and high frequency welded
  • Weight approx. 435g (20L) and 180g (5L)
  • Made from 16oz 500D PVC Tarpaulin
  • Has a two purge valve for easy inflation and compression
  • Reinforced carry strap points
  • Reinforced Clear plastic window
  • IT FLOATS BUT IT IS NOT A FLOTATION DEVICE- these bags are meant to seal and protect your gear and keep it dry and clean, they are not meant to be used as flotation devices nor are they meant to be fully submerged. We also recommend rolling the top at least 3 times and preferably 4, it won’t work if you don’t use it correctly. Once you have done this simply purge the excess air for easy packing
  • AS WITH ALL TCT PRODUCTS- you have a no nonsense 100% guarantee. We use and abuse these dry bags ourselves and we know that sometimes things just go wrong so simply contact us and we will do our best to help you.

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