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Having a waterproof bag in your pack regardless of it’s specific purpose is never a bad thing. Keeping my gear & food protected from the elements (including wildlife) is certainly a concern when I’m in the field. There are many viable bags and sacks out there that can fulfill my need. But my current go-to waterproof bag is my G.I. Waterproof Bag or (Willie Peter WP) bag as it was referred to back in my days as an active duty U.S. Marine.

The WP is labeled as a laundry bag but I have yet see a U.S. Marine Grunt utilize it for that purpose. We pretty much used it for everything besides laundry. If we had something that we wanted to keep dry, we would put it in your WP bag. When we were going out on a long hump (hike) and wanted to keep whatever was in our rucksacks dry, we would put them in the WP bag and use it as a waterproof liner.

I kept my issued WP bag and used it for several years after the Marines. As the years passed, my WP bag became unserviceable. I found a new one at a local surplus store and have used it ever since. It is also an ideal cover for storing my GORUCK GR-1 backpack when it is out in the elements and not in use.

One of our Warrior Zero Project members asked me about purchasing a WP bag and I was able to find a company on Amazon selling it for a good price.

Reasons why I like the W.P. Bag:

  • Inexpensive
  • Government Issued (standards)
  • Tested & Used by me for years
  • Used as a Bear bag
  • Waterproof Liner
  • Used as a Flotation Device
  • Backpack Cover (protection/waterproof)
  • Durable
  • lightweight (fits easily in pack)

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