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Here Is My Video Review On The Indalo Survival Blanket:

Within our Warrior Zero Project, we continually strive to be fully prepared for any survival or emergency situation. I find that one of the best ways to address this is to have gear that can serve multi-purposes. It is not always possible with just one piece of gear. We are limited by manufactures wanting to sell individual gear for separate needs and more importantly, many users are limited by their knowledge or lack there of..

Recently I was sent a couple of Indalo Survival Blankets to review. I took the liberty of calling them survival blankets because of the diverse applications that I found when reviewing this piece of gear. Not only is it a versatile blanket that is wind & waterproof but it can also be used as a rain or sun fly. It can serve as an excellent groundcloth to lay under your sleeping gear or even your tent. There is also a hidden hood tucked away in a velcro pouch that is built into the blanket. In a pinch, you have a great poncho that will keep you dry when your rain gear is not easily accessible or available.

I went on a small trek with my dogs to test out this Indalo Survival Blanket. The terrain was incredibly rocky and my dogs are certainly not easy on my gear. The fact that the Indalo came away without so much as a smudge made it a piece of gear that has made it into my go-bag. If you are in the market for a multi-purpose piece of gear that can enhance and even save your life in an emergency situation, take a closer look at this Indalo Survival Blanket.


  • SIMPLY THE LARGEST POCKET OUTDOOR BLANKET ★ With your Indalo extra large blanket, at 79×56″ (6.56 x 4.65 feet), it is the only blanket in it’s class you can lay down on fully from head to feet with space to spare. Fits Up to 3 people laying down or 6 + sitting up (great for families)! In its compact pouch & at just 12 ounces (Inc. metal stakes & carabiner), you will take it everywhere!
  • PROTECT YOURSELF & YOUR FAMILY 100% ★ A sandless/sand free & Waterproof blanket made of high quality extra strong Ripstop polyester (Reinforced polyester used in the military). This makes for an ultra lightweight blanket for travel that you can always depend on. Wet grass? Hot sand? Rough stony ground? Dirty surfaces…? No problem!
  • MOST VERSATILE BLANKET = TOTAL FREEDOM ★ From Picnic & Beach mats to hiking & Camping blankets, your Indalo has you covered, in the sun, wind or rain! Some additional uses include: parks, music festivals, sporting events, traveling, backpacking adventures, parades, shade tarp, camping ground tarp, kid’s play mat, Yoga, fishing, sun shade, stargazing…
  • BEST VALUE WITH 1 YEAR MONEY BACK GUARANTEE ★ You’re protected by Indalo’s 1 year manufacturer guarantee and market leading customer service, it’s our mission for you to be happy, If you’re not 100% satisfied, we don’t want your money. VALUE: Just the extras included with this blanket are worth 15 $ alone, but they are all included at one low price.
  • MADE FOR ALL WEATHER & EASY USE ★ TRULY WINDPROOF: with it’s 4 corner loops & Inc. strong metal stakes, this outdoor mat will stay put on all terrains, at the beach, in the mountains, anywhere. SECRET RAIN PONCHO: a 2 in 1 blanket, a summer storm spoiled your picnic or hike? No problem, release the hidden poncho in seconds. SUPER QUICK TO GET OUT & PUT AWAY: thanks to its easily foldable blanket material & oversize carry pouch for easy packing with pull cord for a compact fit once inside.
  • COLOR: Orange/Gray
  • WEIGHT: Approximately 1.6lbs.

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