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Here Is My Video Review On The Ipari Hana’s:

When it comes to any activity, my preference for footwear is minimalist shoes. It isn’t always possible depending on what my mission is but as soon as I can, I resort back to the minimalist approach. Luckily, there are more options available on the market than ever before. We can choose from sandals, shoes & even boots with the minimalist approach. People are experiencing the benefits of going minimal with their footwear and the manufacturers are listening.ipari hana

I received a pair of Ipari Hana‘s by Xero Shoes. I have been reviewing Xero Shoes for a few years now and they never cease to impress me. (Here is a review I did on the Z-Trails) Their attention to detail, detailed listening to client suggestions & true minimalist approach to every aspect of the company has them quickly becoming an industry leader. These Ipari Hana shoes are the latest shoe in their product line. They are the first closed shoe from Xero Shoes which up until now, were mainly producing sandals. These shoes feel & look great. I can wear them on the mats in my dojo (primary use) but I can also wear them casually with a pair of jeans.


  • NEW for 2016
  • Rubber sole
  • Foot-first design for comfort
  • Wide toe box, non-elevated zero-drop sole
  • Lightweight and flexible for natural foot motion
  • Available in 3 different colors
  • Eye-catching huarache sandal-inspired lacing system
  • Casual canvas upper with microfiber lining. Vegan-friendly.
  • A non-elevated heel allows for proper posture.
  • Low to the ground (8mm stack height) for balance and agility.
  • The exclusive 5.5mm FeelTrue sole gives you just-right protection plus the ground feel that your feet (and brain!) want.
  • A huarache sandal-inspired lacing system gives you a secure fit.

NOTE: To guarantee a correct fit, please measure your foot: 1) Place a piece of paper on the floor, against a wall; 2) Step on the paper, your heel against the wall; 3) Mark the paper in line with your longest toe; 4) Measure that length with a ruler; 5) Compare that length to the sizing chart (link, above). To REALLY ensure a correct fit, get printable templates of the exact sizes by contacting the Seller.

Bottom Line: If you want a versatile minimalist shoe that you can wear in the field, on the mats or even on a casual night out, take a look at the Ipari Hana’s. I don’t think that you will be disappointed.

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