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Here Is My Video Review On The Magnetic Gun Mount:

I had seen various versions of the magnetic gun mount over the years. I hadn’t considered picking one up until The Atomic Bear decided to add a gun mount to their line up.  I am familiar with The Atomic Bear and have been pleased with many of their previous products. After having more than a few of my clients ask me about these magnetic gun mounts, I decided to put this one through my review process.

There were two concerns that were brought up to me by a couple of my NTC Members. The first issue had to do with the fact that their firearm may become magnetized once it was exposed to this strong magnet. Luckily, these gun mounts have a polarized magnetic field which will not magnetize the firearms that are mounted on it.

Secondly, the issue of scratching and pitting the firearm was a major concern.  Once again, The Atomic Bear addresses this issue by enclosing the polarized magnet in a tough, polymer coating. This virtually guarantees that not damage will be caused to the firearm throughout the mounting and dismounting process.

The one thing that did surprise me was the versatility that this magnetic gun mount offered. It is small enough to mount virtually anywhere without bringing to much attention to it. Another benefit is that since it is designed to hold metal objects, I am able to mount various blades, knives and tools to this mount as well as my pistols. I have even had peers of mine claim to mount their long guns, using these magnetic mounts, by stringing 2 or even 3 of these mounts alongside each other.


  • ► BE SAFE AND READY – Incredibly strong. Keep your guns concealed, organized, quickly accessible and easy to draw with this 35 lbs rated Atomic Bear magnetic mount. Smallest mount system on the market with a minimal hindrance and maximal grip.
  • ► ON-THE-GO PROTECTION – Convenient concealment in your car or truck without slippage even on a bumpy road. Perfect at your bedside, doorway, under your desk, above doors, locker, safe, wall… More versatile than a holster.
  • ► KEEP YOUR GUNS SHINY – The premium quality polymer coating protects your firearms against scratches; the polarized magnetic field will NOT magnetize your guns; the screws won’t touch your firearm as they fit deep in their holes.
  • ► INSTALLS IN MINUTES – Use it straight out of the box. Comes with screws and high strength double sided 3M tape so you can mount on any wall or surface for a fast and frustration free installation. The tape allows you to install the mount without drilling holes.
  • ► INCLUDES – Lifetime warranty. A nicely designed black magnet (3.75 x 1.4 x 0.3”), 4 black self-tapping screws, installation guidelines and 2 FREE DECALS for gun owners. Click Add to Cart Now!


If you are in the market for a magnetic gun mount, that can be used for a plethora of other uses, take a close look at this magnetic gun mount by The Atomic Bear. It is built well and reasonably priced.

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