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Here Is My Video Review Of The Mechanix Gloves:

Protective gear is paramount in any survival situation. The better that we take care our our bodies, the greater the chance of boding well and continuing on with the mission. We can practice preparedness skills and be in outstanding physical shape but something as minor as a blister can incapacitate us in many emergency scenarios. It’s not normally the big things that cause us hindrance but a combination of smaller, annoying, ailments that keep us from accomplishing the task at hand.

We can both agree that full use of our hands is pretty damn important in life. 😉 When we add in any SHTF situation, that fact multiples by 100. Therefore, we need to make sure that are hands are protected.. -Well, our whole body needs to be protected but for the purpose of this review, we will stick with the topic of hands. When it comes to hand protection in tactical scenarios, Mechanix Tactical Original Gloves are one of the go-to gloves for elite operators. Actually, I was made aware of the Mechanix Gloves by a NYC/NJ Port Authority LEO that I was working with. He happens to be a senior officer in the (ESU) Emergency Services Unit and these Mechanix gloves are standard issue for their team.

I worked security gigs wearing these Mechanix gloves and I can see why they are so revered by elite law enforcement and military units alike. They kept my hands cool in the summer and warm in the colder weather. My hands, that normally sweat like Old Faithful at Yellowstone, were kept surprisingly cool. The fact that the dexterity was still there with all the tools that I needed for the job was also a main benefit from these gloves. They offer a great deal from their design but still approach their feel in a minimalist fashion.

Knowing how these Mechanix gloves perform in a tactical work environment also makes them a choice for any survival kit. They serve me damn good in a combative capacity but they perform equally as well when I need them to protect my hands in the field. The fact that they are inexpensive for what you get, allows me to own several pairs and keep them in my go-bags as well as in my Jeep. Don’t get me wrong.. when the wife calls upon me to get out of the field and fix shit around the house, these Mechanix gloves are what I slip on even though there are no “bad guys” around. – Well, maybe the hammer.. never trust a hammer.


  • Form-fitting TrekDry helps keep hands cool and comfortable.
  • Thermal Plastic Rubber (TPR) closure with hook and loop provides a secure fit.
  • Seamless single layer palm improves fit and dexterity.
  • Nylon web loop provides convenient glove storage.
  • Machine washable.
  • Made from spandex & synthetic Leather
  • Weigh approx. .8-3.5oz depending on size

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