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Here Is My Video Review On The USGI Duffle Bag:

Many of us have spent countless hours, bored out of our minds, at the airport. It could be a layover or the always dreaded Delayed Flight. Whatever the reason is, we can probably agree that¬†the process usually sucks – Unless we add alcohol.. Lots of alcohol! Then it tends to suck, just a bit less. ūüėČ Getting back on track here, one thing that I tend to do in these undesirable situations is to people watch. Sometimes it’s planned or just a part of who I am but often times it’s a boring situation where my¬†eyes just wander as idle thoughts enter my mind.

During these moments at the airport, you may have noticed military personnel carrying these big green duffel bags like a backpack. Sometimes we even see “civilians” using¬†these types of bags instead of a suitcase. With all the changing restrictions put on travel items by airlines and the TSA, especially weight, it’s no wonder that these bags are still the go-to travel bags for those in the know. These bags are, more often than not, the Military Issued Duffel Bags.

I was issued my first USGI Duffel Bag while in bootcamp at Parris Island becoming a¬†United States Marines. We affectionately referred to them as sea bags. My initial sea bag went through hell in the Marines. It traveled the world with me at sea, in the air and of course, on land. I still have and use my original sea bag which I¬†featured in my video review below. The fact that this duffel bag is so durable may be reason¬†enough for¬†you to add it to your survival kit or go bag. I have used this bag for purposes stemming from a heavy bag for weapons training to a bear bag when camping with the NTC Members.¬†I’m sure if you chose to own one of these bags, you will come up with countless uses of your own.


  • Approx. 2.2lbs
  • 15″x12″ Folded Up
  • Size 24″ x 36″ (Over 860 Cubic Inches of Space) 80 Liters
  • Can Be Locked for Added Security
  • Heavy Duty Handle for Carrying Purposes
  • Mildew Resistant, Water Repellent Nylon Duck.
  • Cylindrical Shape with Adjustable Strap Attached to Each Side, Padded Shoulder Straps and Quick Release Adapter on each end of Shoulder Straps.
  • Genuine USGI Military Issued Duffel Bag.
  • Standard-Issue Duffel Bag Issued to Thousands of Troops Worldwide.

Bottom line, if you need a multi-purpose & durable carrying bag then this is definitely a great option for you to consider. Also, the price point is extremely good for what you get. Keep in mind that most of the USGI Duffel Bags being sold to the public are in used condition but still, Good to Go.

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