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Here is my Video Review of the Poncho Liner:

United States Marines and Infantry “Grunts” in general are supposed to be some of the toughest people around. We are hard core, do or die, one shot one kill.. Well, then how can such bad-asses consider a blanket one of their most prized possessions and emotionally refer to it as a Wobbie?

To be honest, it’s no regular blanket. It’s really a magical & mystical Military Issued Poncho Liner. The poncho liner or “woobie” is standard issue in the United States Marine Corps as well as the U.S. Army. I was issued a woobie while on active duty as a Marine and it has remained at an arms length ever since. Things got so crazy at home between my wife & dogs trying to man-handle my Woobie that we¬†know own 5. – I bet you thought that I was kidding about the emotional part.. ūüėČ

I have seen a poncho liner brought to a tailer and sewn into a, very cool, all weather jacket. Marines had zippers attached to them for sleeping bag uses. We have used them as tarps, pillows, stretchers, shelter, blankets, sleeping bags and anything else that me and my fellow Marines could think of while in the field. Once we were back at our barracks, most of us would use our wobbies as a blanket on our cots. Not only were they comfortable to sleep with but when we woke up and had to make our racks, it was quick work since we had only laid on top of the linen while sleeping. When we were deployed on ship, the circumstances remained similar.

The wobbie is light but does take up a bit of bulk. I usually stage mine on the outside of my pack while rolled inside of my poncho for protection. The fact that I can use the woobie and poncho with such versatility justifies them being part of my survival kit.


  • Genuine U.S Military Issue Poncho Liner
  • Size: 82″ x 62″
  • With Ties for grommets
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Color: Woodland Camouflage
  • Weight 1.37lbs.

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