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Here Is My Video Review Of The E-Tool:

The E-tool has been with me since my active duty days in the United States Marine Corps. It was standard issue and part of our mandatory gear. If I was in the field, it was in the field with me. We would use the E-tool to dig “foxholes” in order to set into our positions. The E-tool also served to create personal as well as trenches of latrines depending on the mission. It also served a niche as a combative weapon. It was part of our regular training so as you can imagine, I am very familiar with the E-Tool.

These days I do not have to many uses for digging foxholes. However, when I am on a trek or even on a primitive campground, I use it to dig a latrine. The Military Issued Entrenching Tool (E-Tool) is also my favorite and go-to shovel when it comes to Dutch Oven cooking. The fact that I can tilt the blade or shovel part to my preferred angle in order to grab the hot coals from the fire makes the task easier. The shovel part has has enough real estate on it so that countless repetitions to the fire to grab coals is not necessary. When the E-tool is not in the field with me, I keep it in my jeep for emergency purposes. It has helped me and others dig our vehicles’ tires out of snow more than once.

The E-tool has a blade part made of steel and the full-sized handle is made of aluminum. Maintenance is definitely required and entails oiling the tightening mechanisms as well as all the metal joints where the E-tool pivots (around 3 areas.) When my E-tool gets heavy use, I clean it off and throw a coat of spray paint on the shovel part which helps to keep it looking new & rust free. Maintenance takes a couple minutes and keeps it ready for your next mission. The E-tool weighs in at about 2.8lbs. It’s not lightweight but it’s multiple use capability justifies me adding it to my survival pack. Only you can decide if the extra weight is justified for your needs.

Reasons Why I Have An E-tool As Part Of My Gear:

  • U.S. Military Issued
  • Durable carry case w/A.L.I.C.E. clips
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Full sized handle
  • Aluminum & steel construction
  • black matte finish
  • Tri-fold design (fits anywhere)
  • Field tested by me extensively in USMC
  • Serrated and edged blade used as axe
  • Self-Defense weapon

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