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Here Is My Video Review On The Monadnock Baton:

An expandable baton has been part of my security gear since my start in the business. It was a natural process because I have been training with sticks and batons since my first introduction into the martial arts. As you can imagine, I do not take my security gear lightly. Not only could my life depend on it but so do the lives of those that I am hired to protect. I work with law enforcement teaching combatives and the baton is part of the curriculum. When these police departments purchase expandable batons, Monadnock is one of their top choices. monadnock baton review

The Monadnock Expandable Autolock Baton is one that I have seen in many police departments, usually with the more specialized units like SWAT & ESU. The quality construction and durability has always been a selling point for Monadnock. In addition, their Autolock feature puts this baton over the top in my eyes.

Expandable batons that I have used in the past needed to be gently tapped on the sides of each baton segment to get it to collapse. Unfortunately, most police and security officers would just slam the tip into the ground allowing the baton to collapse. This was standard practice across the board and it was how I was initially taught. The problem was that after a certain number of slams, even the quality made batons would become unserviceable. The Autolock feature on the Monadnock completely removes this issue. In order to collapse the baton with the patented Autolock feature, all that you have to do is to press a button on the back of the handle and gently collapse the baton.

Now, this makes the collapsing of the baton much easier but it also allows the mechanism to last much longer. This helps to ensure that your baton is ready for use when needed. Keep in mind that regular maintenance should be performed such as oiling and removing built up gunk. Training is also imperative! You can have the best, most Tac-Ti-Cool gear in the world, but if you cannot wield it effectively in an emergency, it will quickly become a liability. Be smart, train hard & train often! – The bad-guys are always training..


  • Patented cam ball bearing
  • The AutoLock’s patented locking mechanism ensures the baton will stay locked open while striking, blocking or jabbing
  • Closes with a push of a button—no need to strike the baton on the ground
  • Open passively or in a high-profile manner
  • Rotating shafts help maintain control of the batons during a struggle
  • Choose from a variety of tips and grips
  • Lifetime repair or replacement guarantee
  • Made in the USA
  • Super Grip
  • Foam
  • Black Chrome
  • Bright Nickel

16″ (40.64cm); 18″ (45.72cm); 21″ (53.34cm); 22 (55.88cm); 26″ (66.04cm)


Various holster/holder options from Monadnock as well as other manufacturers


Standard Tip – Ideal for opening baton in a high profile manner and gaining the psychological advantage over subject

Safety Tip – Urethane material eliminates sharp edges and decreases possibility of subject injury

Power Safety Tip – Engineered to turn a subject’s pockets inside out, reducing the risk of getting stuck with sharp objects

Tactical Targeting Tip – Clearly tracks baton tip during demonstrations, practice and / or on duty. Retro fit on any AutoLock baton with a Power Safety Tip. Add 3xT to any Power Safety Tip Cat. # to add the 3xT tip

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