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mike gillette strength psychology review
When I first decided to go into business for myself, there were always the BIG concerns that any wanna-be entrepreneur faces:

  • Can I make it on my own?
  • Should I just keep my current job, that makes me miserable, but it’s a steady paycheck?
  • What will my family and friends think of me if I fail?
  • What will I think of myself if I fail?

There are many other questions that I tortured myself with when deciding on my current path. But I knew that if I didn’t try, it would be something that would hinder me – at least mentally – for the rest of my life.

Once I made the decision to become self-employed, I knew that I would face many decisions that would make or break me. I felt that I was more than credible, as well as capable, in my line of work. However, I also knew that there were many aspects of business that I was ignorant to. I began seeking training and education on all things relating to starting my own business.

I enrolled in various aspects of business coaching. The subject matter ranged from accounting to graphic design; with everything else in between. I was feeling confident in all of this new knowledge that I was acquiring. But there was something still eating away at my gut and making me doubtful -deep inside. I wasn’t sure what it was then, but I now know what it was.

Simply Put… It Was Fear!

On the outside, I was putting in the work to become the best business person that I could be. But those same questions that caused doubts in the beginning, were still there.

One day I was having a couple of beers with a buddy of mine. He had owned his own business for over 11 years at that time. Not only was he financially independent, due to his hard work, but he also exuded this feeling of confidence that I wished I could possess. Keep in mind that I knew this guy… and knew him well. Especially after a few beers, it would be easily spotted if it were just some act.

As we continued ripping through the 6-pack of IPA’s that I had brought, I decided to ask him about his lack of “fear.”

Didn’t he feel that it could all come to a bust one day? What if his employees decided to not come to work tomorrow? What if the government changed regulations and he could no longer operate his business in the same fashion?

Basically I was asking him “Why The Hell Aren’t You Scared?”

He looked at me, with a smirk, and said “man, I know exactly what you are feeling.”

He got up and went inside his home. I figured that he was using the bathroom and I continued to drink my beer. Within a couple of minutes, he came back out to the deck. He handed me a book and simply said, “read, this bro.”

The book that he handed me was Think And Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill.

I went home that night an immediately began to read the book. This book was written many years ago but it was filled with principles that, when applied correctly, were basically a recipe for success. Utilizing principles is how I operate within my Warrior Zero Project. It made sense to me and I wanted to learn more.

I began researching and came across a few individuals who were teaching the principles found in Napoleon Hill’s book, but they were correlating it with modern day scenarios. One of these individuals was Bob Proctor. I picked up Mr. Proctor’s book, You Were Born Rich, and was pleased with the information that I was gathering.

This Stuff Just Made Sense!

I purchased Bob Proctor’s VHS course and watched and re-watched all of those tapes for a few months. I even ended up going to (3) of Mr. Proctor’s seminars and found the information invaluable. I began putting the ideas that I was learning into action with both my business as well as my everyday life. Things began to change and my previous doubts began to crumble.

I continued on with my education and found myself at countless seminars. I was exposed to great speakers such as Brian Tracy and even spent a great deal of time on The Silva Method. I saw the changes that were manifesting in me and I liked what I saw. I knew that this was something that would be a part of me for the rest of my life.

It wasn’t just some cool new fad that I would ride out until the next thing came along.

As the years went by and my company grew, I continued to revisit these books whenever fear began to resurface. Every time that I had a big business decision to make, and I began to doubt myself, I would refer back to this material. I knew that thinking the way that I did had gotten me this far… There was no reason that I should operate differently now.

FEAR Is Certainly an S.O.B.!

As a coach, it is a privilege to work with individuals and help get them to their goals. But one pill that is hard to swallow is the fact that I motivate my clients when they need it, but who is there to motivate me when I’m feeling a bit shitty? Luckily, I maintain my motivation from the countless hours that I invested in my training. I also get motivated from seeing the positive results from the accomplishment of my members. But every so often, I need to reinforce what I already know. I turn to the material that I have gathered and make sure that I take the time to get my “dosage” of positive information.

Within my Warrior Zero Project (WZP), I have a vast mix of individuals. They come from all over the world with diverse thought processes. The one thing that holds true for all of them is that they have a certain level of motivation for change. They want to better their health and fitness or they would have never joined my WZP.

Well, I know that they want change and invested the money to get started. That’s a Good Thing. But…

Unfortunately, some have signed up as a WZP member months ago but have yet to get started. I can speak from a pulpit and say things like:

  • Well, when they are ready, I am here for them
  • I guess they don’t want it bad enough
  • They paid, it’s their loss
  • It’s not my problem, other members are doing the work
  • I’ll just sell them on something else next week

If I did think in that manner mentioned above, then not only am I a horrible coach, but I also wouldn’t think of myself as a very nice person. What I should do as a coach is to find ways to help these individuals that came to me for a bit of guidance by empathizing with them. Simply put, these members are most-likely feeling the same fear and doubt that I was when I started my business.

Change Is Change, Regardless Of Its Form.

I use many of the principles that I learned from these experts, within my WZP. But to be honest, I was always looking for a way to convey this type of crucial information that would be embraced by my members. But if I were to give my new members a vast reading list or have them attend some of these, very expensive, live seminars… Let’s just say that I would probably lose a great deal of credibility. My members are used to stream lined material without the added “fluff.” They are also concerned about all matters that affect their wallet.

So I continued operating the way that I have but always with an eye-out for a solution.

Recently, I was sent a program to review. I review products quite often but they are always physical products. Well, this product was a digital download so there was nothing physical about it. When I went to reply to the email, stating that I was thankful but not interested, the name of the author stood out to me. The author’s name was Mike Gillette.

I do not know Mike personally, but I certainly know his incredible list of credentials.
mike gillette strength psychology review

Here are some of those credentials, for starters: 😉

  • An Army paratrooper
  • A SWAT commander
  • A member of the Martial Arts Masters Hall of Fame
  • A counter-terrorism consultant to the Department of Homeland Security
  • A bodyguard to Fortune 500 executives and film stars, like Sylvester Stallone, and…
  • A record-setting strongman who has been featured in Ripley’s Believe It Or Not and Guinness World Records

I have learned much from Mike in the past, so of course, my curiosity was peaked. I figured that this program had to do with something physical. Possibly, learning how to bend steel or countless other physical feats that Mike is known for. The name of the program was Strength Psychology which certainly didn’t let me in on much. But knowing that this program was created by Mike Gillette was certainly enough for me to commit to reviewing his program.

I found a comfortable spot in my HQ and began watching the videos in Mike’s course.

To my surprise, this program had everything to do with, as Mike puts it, “The Mind Moves The Body.”

As I listened to Mike’s words, I began to get a feeling of excitement. Mike Gillette was actually providing what I needed my members to be exposed to. The best part was that Mike was doing it in a way that was:

  • Simple to understand
  • Compressed into easily digestible short-form videos
  • Information that could be put into practice immediately
  • For A fraction of the cost that I invested to gain this information

I knew right then and there, that if my members that were facing fear and doubt with their new “mission”, this program will go a long way in helping them to combat that.

I continued on until I completed the program. Just like the material that I collected throughout the years, this program needs to be revisited often. Regardless of where you are on your journey, the information contained in this program will aide you in getting to the next rung on your ladder.

With all the exposure that I have had to this type of knowledge, I was still able to learn a great deal from Mike’s Strength Psychology program.

Here is a list of the STAGES in the Strength Psychology program:

  1. STAGE 1- The Mindset Of Mental Toughness
  2. STAGE 2- Life By Design
  3. STAGE 3- Mind Strengthening Skills

Bottom Line:

If you are at a point in life where change and removing FEAR is something that you seek, take a close look at this program by Mike Gillette. It is helping me personally as well as enabling me to be a better coach for my WZP members. If you put Mike’s program into action, I have no doubt that it will help you make those changes that you desire.

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Thank you for viewing, I hope that you found this review useful.

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