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My Video Review of the GORUCK GR 2 & the GORUCK Echo.

“When it comes to survival gear a great backpack is a must!”

My experience in the outdoors has taught me that 2 things are definitely mandatory for successful bonding with nature; preparedness skills & great gear. In order to get the most out of nature, we need to know how to interact with nature, that is where preparedness skills come in. To enjoy the nature experience, we need to be comfortable -That is where the quality gear comes into play.

I hear comments from clients stating that they are not a fan of nature for this & for (fill in excuse). Others explain to me that they are OK with being outdoors when its sunny but when it rains or the sun sets.. Nature is no longer an option for them.

If I were to take the same type of people and put them into a small group & teach them some preparedness skills and had them utilize great gear.. well, their experience would completely change. I can guarantee with a fair amount of certainty that most in that small group would embrace the great outdoors with completely new awareness. Once again:

Preparedness Skills = Less Fear

Great Gear = Comfort

When it comes to outdoor gear a great backpack is a must. For most, it is the place to start when initially assembling gear for camping and other outdoor activities. Your pack literally houses the rest of your comfort and life saving equipment. It is certainly not a place where you want to skimp on quality & just as important, your comfort.

I own several packs and rucksacks and have hiked with countless more. From the early years in the boy scouts through my tour in the United States Marine Corps, I always seem to be humping a pack.

A few years ago, I came across the GORUCK company and their rucks. I contacted them and asked detailed questions about their packs and other products. I was very happy with their support and willingness to be personable. I ordered a GR2 pack and man.. was I happy. The quality, the design, the fit, the look– Man, the GORUCK had everything!

I have used my GORUCK GR2 for countless activities and it is always up for the task. It is 4 years later, many muddy miles together and my GR2 is as good as the day that i received it.

Recently I purchased the GORUCK Echo. The GORUCK Echo is smaller than the GR2 which is exactly what I needed for airport & other secured areas that I coach at. Once again, amazing quality and the comfort level is surprisingly good for a smaller pack.

If you are interested in a detailed review of the GORUCK GR2 & GORUCK Echo please watch the video below.

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