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Below Is My Green Traveler Video Review:

When I am on the trail or working in the field, I like to have my dogs with me. Having our furry Best Friends with us on our adventures is always a plus, but it doesn’t come without its responsibilities. When I bring my dogs out with me on the trail, I have to not only lookout for things like ticks and skunks, but also their food and hydration needs. Humping the extra weight is not the only issue, packing it correctly is also a concern.

At times, I pre-cook a healthy meal to bring for my dogs and another for me. Spillage and seepage was something that occurred more often than I care to remember. I have used various containers and bags over the years. Some worked well but most left me having to unpack my ruck and cleaning food off my gear. That is certainly not something to look forward to after a long day of hiking.

The containers that do work well for me are not exactly designed for on-the-go. They are difficult to carry and fit awkwardly in my pack. Being able to clip them to my molle setup, on the outside of my pack, was also a No-Go. I never really put much thought into my current container setup until I came across the Green Traveler. It had various compartments, it was spill proof, and could be easily placed inside my backpack or clipped to the outside. I certainly had to give it a try.

Once they arrived in the mail, I began to put one of them through my testing process. I was impressed with the build as well as the thought that was put into the design. The compartments all contain seals making them spill proof. Once I spent more time fiddling with the Green Traveler, I came out with dozens of other uses for. Anyone focused on preparedness, or even just recreational camping, knows that gear that is multi-purpose… Is the type of gear that we want in your rucksack.


  • Up to 44 oz (1.3 L) of volume.
  • Made of ABS, makes it very strong and impact resistant.
  • Safe for children same plastic as Lego®.
  • No leaching plastics.
  • No BPA or DEHP.
  • High heat resistance make it safe for microwaves and dishwashers
  • Highly Recyclable
  • Available In Various Colors
  • Lifetime Warranty

Bottom Line:

If you need a multi-compartment container system, whether it’s used for food or countless other uses, take a close look at the Green Traveler. They are working out quite well for me and my dogs, and I am looking forward to testing them a bit further in the upcoming season.

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