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Here Is My Video Review On The IFAK Pouch:

It’s no secret that I love to spend time in the outdoors. Whether it his hiking, trekking, camping or a plethora of other outdoor activities… I am always up for the adventure.

I’m going to share a little story with you that is a bit embarrassing. However, if I strive to be real with myself and my members, sometimes putting myself out there is the best way for me to convey important information.

So Here Goes…

My wife and I decided to take our dogs out on a hike. We were exploring new trails and I needed to record some new tutorials for my Warrior Zero Project. We headed out with our gear and were looking forward to our usual zen-like experience.

Shortly after one of our water breaks, my pit bull Bruno decided to jump one of the fallen trees that were to our right. Usually, that wouldn’t have been an issue; I would say that it is even encouraged at times. However, this time Bruno landed right smack in the middle of a yellow jacket’s nest.

I saw Bruno panic while he was getting stung and I jumped right in to help. I ended up getting stung by over 12 yellow jackets. We ran from the situation as fast as we could with both of our dogs in stride. Once we got to safety, I began feeling strange. I couldn’t think clearly, felt nauseous and cold. I wasn’t responding to my wife’s questions and she began to worry. As I gathered my thoughts, I realized that I was going into shock. All that ran through my mind was… How could this shit be happening to me after all of these years in the field?!

My wife fought me for well over 30 minutes as far as calling for help. Me, being the stubborn idiot, kept asking her to wait- I would be better in a minute.

Her patience finally came to an end and she called 9-1-1.

Keep in mind that we were 2 miles in on trails that we were very unfamiliar with. She did her best to give the operator our location but it was certainly a process. My wife grabbed a whistle from my pack and began blasting out whistles in sets of 3 (I’m very proud of her for that) and in about 30 minutes, the first (2) First Responders arrived. Within about 10 more minutes, there were an additional 20 First Responders on scene for a total of 22!

There were EMT’s, Park Rangers, State Troopers and Firemen all on this tiny trail. I’m extremely grateful to these men and women who came to my rescue. I am also both proud of my wife and also disappointed in myself for having put her through such a horrible set of circumstances. I must admit that it was quite a surreal experience for me. I’m the one used to being the Helper – Saver – Rescuer. Now it was all happening to me… Like a bad movie that I keep re-watching in my head.

I was administered all sorts of IV’s while on the trail and was able to walk to the rescue vehicle which was about 1 mile away. Unfortunately, the vehicle could not make it to our location because of the terrain. Once I was on the vehicle, it was about a 20 minute ride to the ambulance. From the ambulance, I was taken to the hospital for further treatment. At the hospital I was told that I would need to carry an epipen with me from here on out.

Well, that concludes my story and brings me to the purpose of this article, the IFAK Pouch.

Once I was told, quite forcefully by my doctor, that I needed to carry an epipen, I began looking for the best way for me to incorporate it into my gear. I wanted something that was easy to open, access and worked well with my current gear.

I came across a pouch from a company that I was familiar with, The Atomic Bear. The pouch looked good and I knew that this company puts out quality gear at great prices. I decided to order a couple of these pouches to test out with my other gear.

These pouches could be staged on the outside of my backpacks by using the molle webbing. The configuration is also a cinch to open with the zipper and Velcro positioning on this pouch. This makes it very easy for me to get to my epipens and ideal for any of my outdoor buddies to get to them in case I am incapacitated. There are a variety of configurations that this pouch can be used for when it comes to first aid purposes.

First aid is certainly my primary use for these pouches but they can be used for many other applications. Ham Radio and other comms is one thought that I have slated for additional pouches. But basically anything that you need a small kit for… This pouch can certainly handle the job.

Bottom Line:

If you are in the market for a versatile pouch that is well built and inexpensive, take a look at this one by The Atomic Bear. Hopefully, that will be my last story of getting rescued in the field but… The most important lesson here is to Always Be Prepared!

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