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One thing that is common day practice for law enforcement, security personnel and first responders is that they all wear body cameras (body cams.) With today’s global climate, having documented proof, especially via video footage, is something that protects all parties involved. For the job descriptions mentioned above, wearing a body cam is common practice. But what is a bit of a surprise is the number of civilians that are opting to own and wear body cams.

Are They Being A Bit Paranoid?

With the global pandemic, recent elections and over-all uncertainly in many people’s eyes, being wrongly accused is something that no one can take for granted. There is not a day that goes by that someone’s life hasn’t changed because of video footage caught by a camera. This can be a positive or negative, depending on which side of the camera that you are on. But regardless of the outcome, the video footage doesn’t lie.

So do I think that average civilians, whom want to add a bit of insurance while they are:

-At a public event
-In their vehicle
-On their property
-Walking to their vehicle late at night
-At work (clerks, cashiers, late night businesses, etc.)
-Walking home from school/ class
-Traveling abroad

are paranoid? Absolutely Not!

I was recently added a new body cam to my own gear list. It is the P1 Body Cam by Rexing. This little camera is light weight, compact and built to take a punch. I put it through my review process and it certainly performed very well. I have more expensive body cams that don’t come close to the performance of the P1.


  • 1080p FHD & Infrared Night Vision – Enjoy Full HD recording capabilities and rest assured during the night time with high-intensity infrared LEDs that capture clear footage up to 50 feet away in pitch-black darkness.
  • Built-in 64GB Large Storage & Loop Recording – Built in 64GB storage for all your video, picture and audio recordings. There will be plenty of space to store all video captured throughout your upcoming working days. When the storage limit is reached in the memory, our body cam automatically overwrites the oldest recordings and cycles new footage. All video, pictures & audio can only be transferred and shared to other devices & computers via the included USB Cable.
  • Long Battery Life & 21x Digital Zoom – A powerful 3000mAh battery lets you record video for up to 10 hours, 11+ hours of audio only recording or 20 hours of standby, ideal for usage during work shifts and daily life. Our P1 body cam has a superior 21x Digital zoom feature for recording video or taking pictures.
  • Safety – The P1 body cam has PASSWORD PROTECTION where you can set a password for the camera to avoid all recorded files being stolen or deleted. Considering the needs of Law Enforcement, all videos, pictures and audio can ONLY be deleted through connecting to the computer via USB Cable. Rexing body cam with IP67 WATERPROOF and solid SHOCKPROOF materials offers awesome water and shock resistance which is ideal for security guard, police officer and bouncer for indoor and heavy-duty outdoor use.
  • Ultra Compact & ULTRA WIDE ANGLE & One Button Design – 2” High Quality LCD screen packed inside a slim, discreet and lightweight, ideal for law enforcement out in the field. With 170° ultra wide angle lens, capture and record the broad view with detailed information about the surroundings. Further protect yourself with features such as Police Panic Mode with one button press which plays a loud audible siren sound and flashes light.


If you are in the market for a well built and compact body cam, that comes in under budget, take a look at the P1 by Rexing.

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