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Here Is My Review Of The REBEL Tactical Pen:

I am a big fan of tactical pens. When I am in my home area, I have plenty of choices when it comes to Everyday Carry (EDC.) But when I am traveling, especially overseas, my EDC choices become quite limited. Whether I am going through a security checkpoint at an airport or just walking the streets in a foreign land, having a self defense tool that I can have confidence in is imperative to me.

When a pistol or a knife is not an option, a tactical pen is my go-to, when I am on the move.

I wrote an article on the contents of my airport go-bag while traveling. It contains items that I deem necessary that will also “fly” under the radar, regardless of the area that I am operating in. A tactical pen is always included in my airport go-bag.

However, a few of my subscribers questioned the option of getting a tactical pen past airport security, or any other form of law enforcement for that matter. What I try to explain is that there are many tactical pen options. Most are constructed from similar materials. All that really separates them is design and pricing. But when it comes to being discreet… The design of the tactical pen will dictate whether or not you will be questioned about your pen or even get it confiscated.

Many, if not most of the tactical pens on the market look, well…. Tactical. When someone’s job is to look for things to question, we cannot give them more reasons to do so. When a tactical pen looks like just a regular pen, you will bode much better when trying to keep your pen in your possession.

Recently, I added a couple REBEL pens to my collection. What I like about this tactical pen is it’s simplicity in design. It feels great in the hand, built for good retention and most importantly for me… It looks like a regular pen! I am able to take this pen with me, in questionable areas, without having to explain myself. This keeps me focused on my mission at hand but still feeling confident that I have a tool with me that can aide in getting me out of a jam.


  • ▶ BADASS WEAPON THAT FLIES UNDER THE RADAR – The REBEL tactical pen writes as smoothly and evenly as $100 pens and appears harmless until deployed. Includes 2 large ink refills. Compatible with: Atomic Bear ink refills, Parker, Fisher Space, Rite in the Rain, etc.
  • ▶ MADE FOR THE LONG HAUL – Comes with a LIFETIME warranty. Feels high quality, balanced and is rugged enough to handle the unexpected. With a tough machined military grade aluminum body & ultra-hard glass-breaker tip. Not too heavy. Great grip with thumb rest for maximum striking power.
  • ▶ IN CASE THE DAY TAKES A TURN – Added to your tactical gear, this self defense pen and the FREE video training are giving you the extra layer of security you need anywhere you go (reported by many to pass TSA security).
  • ▶ WHY SHOULD I TRUST THE ATOMIC BEAR? We constantly invest in serving YOU with the products you need. Our products systematically get better ratings, #americapride, and are sold across the Country. You will love everything about this pen. Just in case, we offer a risk-free LIFETIME satisfaction Guarantee.

Bottom Line:

If you are in the market for a quality tactical pen, that is designed to be discreet, definitely take a look at this REBEL tactical pen by The Atomic Bear. It is certainly my new “go-to” tactical pen when it comes to traveling. I like it and I have a feeling that you will too.

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