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Here Is My Video Review On The Pro Packing Cubes:

I tend to have a go-bag with me wherever I go. My family and even some of my closer friends think that my approach seems to be a bit of an over-kill. The one thought that sticks out in my mind is that I probably thought that same way at one time. But just like most things in life, once we know.. We KNOW! The more that I teach & learn, the more solidified the need for a go-bag becomes in my mind. Sometimes, having a go-bag with me is an easy task but in other places & scenario’s having my survival kit becomes a bit of a hassle.

Being able to keep my gear from rattling around has been a concern for most of my backpacks & rucksacks. Being able to easily get to the gear that I need at the time is also an issue. Rucksacks are great because you can stuff gear into them almost endlessly. But on the flip side, it is tough to keep the gear organized so that I can access it, without much effort, even on the move. Recently, I was sent a couple sets of Pro Packing Cubes by Love Pro Travel Gear to review. Let’s just say that I may have just found an inexpensive solution for my survival kit’s, organizational, need.

These Pro Packing Cubes are incredibly lightweight with rip-stop nylon. The zippers are YKK & very durable. I was able to organize the gear in my backpack with these cubes. There are 4 & 6 piece options when it comes to ordering these cubes. I opted to use the 6 piece for my go-bag and ended up with the bigger of the cubes as a spare. What is great about that option is that I have a spare cube that I can attach to the molle setup on my go bag. That way, I can stage my dirty laundry on the outside of my pack so that I can keep the inside of my pack clean.

These Pro Packing Cubes are also great for organizing your suitcase or carry-on. The same principles that I discussed earlier still apply but you can now convey that info for your vacation and/or business trip. The multi-purpose use for these Pro Packing Cubes are limited to your imagination. I shared a few of my applications and ideas with you but the possibilities are endless.


  • Ultra Lightweight RipStop Nylon
  • Various color choices & Soft Lining lining
  • Breeze through airport security
  • YKK Zippers & DURABLE reinforced seams
  • ORGANIZE and COMPRESS your gear
  • 3 sizes for unparalleled versatility: 1 Large, 3 Medium & 2 slim cubes in the set
  • Dimension: 17.8 x 11.9 x 1.9 inches
  • Weight: Approximately 12oz. 13.6oz shipping weight

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