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Here Is My Video Review Of The Pure2Go Water Purifier:

A water purifier is one of the most important things that you can have with you out in the field. There are many essential items that will help you in any survival situation but you would be hard pressed to find something that would help your survival scenario more than a good water purifier. When I travel, I keep a personal water purifier in my travel go-bag. Even trusted water sources can be fine for the locals but can wreak havoc on your internal system. When I’m in suspect locations I always use a water purifier, even in my hotel room.pure2go review

Recently, I was sent a Pure2Go Water Purifier by Water One. This water purifier can be used as a personal water filter but you can also opt to get the complete system. The Travel Kit options comes with the Pure2Go Water Purifier, a collapsible water bottle & carrying case. The complete Pure2Go water system contains everything in the Pure2go Travel Kit & some added features that can supply water for you as well as others in your group. For me, one of my main concerns is my dogs when I’m on the trail. Having the option to purify a good amount of water, quickly, while on the move is invaluable! The extra features contained in the complete Pure2go kit are essential for my lifestyle. The complete kit has a pump used to expedite the water gathering/purifying process and it also doubles as a standard air pump with various attachments to fill up balls, sleeping mats, air mattresses and anything else that needs air in the field. The complete system also comes with a 2 liter gravity bag that is very useful.  Not only can you gather & contain 2 liters of water to purify at a later time but it can also double as a hydration pack in a pinch. The carrying case on the complete kit is well made and comes in desert camo pattern which is cool.

Most water filters trap viruses where the Pure2Go actually kills viruses on contact with their trademarked Virobac™ technology. This is something that greatly increases your chances of staying healthy when drinking from suspect water sources. When I look at the water purifiers that I was using previous to the Pure2Go, I see them as an actual breeding ground where bacteria & viruses are trapped in the filter & still reproducing while it is staged in my go-bag. I must admit that this was something that I hadn’t thought about before. Luckily, Water One brought this fact to my attention and now I get to share this info with you.

Water One has been around for over 50 years. They have been providing a means to purify water, via various methods, to locations around the world that need it the most. They are generous with their technology and donate a lot of their products to these developing Nations. To me, that is just another great reason to support Water One & their Pure2Go water purifying solutions.  Once the world begins to learn more about this water purifier, the campaign will get funded and funded- FAST! So if you are interested, get in now for a great deal. This water purifier does a better job than any other purifier that I have reviewed or even come across for that matter. You will also be supporting a company that is doing all that it can to make the world.. Just a little bit better.


  • “Kills” 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria
  • “Kills” 99.997% of waterborne viruses
  • Eliminates cysts such as Giardia & Crypto
  • Significantly reduces radioactive contaminants in water
  • To meet US Military requirements for water purifiers, Pure2Go must be tested and certified to NSF P248 standards, a certification that no water filter or hand held water purifier have ever achieved.
  • Uses two cleanable and replaceable insert cartridges to provide three tiers of filtration and purification
  • Flow rate of up to 16 ounces of water per minute
  • Safe Water Immediately!
  • Each set of cartridges will purify 300 gallons (1135 liters) of water depending on how much sediment is in the water. Cartridges should be changed at least every 3 years.
  • 0.10 UF Membrane in Pure2Go removes 99.997% of waterborne cysts such as Giardia and Cryptosporidium
  • Only the Pure2Go Water Purifier contains ViroBac™, Water One’s proprietary purification media. ViroBac kills waterborne bacteria and viruses instantly on contact and on demand.
  • A set of replacement cartridges includes the lower UF insert cartridge (Model# WOUF-300) and the upper replacement cartridge containing ViroBac and GAC (Model# WOVBF-300). The cost per set is $29.99

If you found this review helpful & decide to purchase a Pure2Go water purifier, please use the link below to access the Kickstarter Campaign:

Click HERE to order your Pure2Go Water Purifier by Water One!

Thank you for viewing, I hope that you enjoyed this review.


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