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Here Is My Video Review On The SWAT Tactical Flashlight:

I consider a tactical flashlight to be a very personal item. For me, it’s primary purpose is as a self defense tool. That is, when other everyday carry tools (EDC) are not available or an option. The way that it feels in my hand and how it rides in my pocket are crucial points when choosing a personal tactical flashlight. What I have also learned over the years is that what works great for me, may not be the best fit for others.

I host self defense courses and workshops both is the U.S. as well as abroad. At times, part of the curriculum entails utilizing a tactical flashlight. The flashlights that I use in class are mainly un-serviceable but serve their purpose for the training. These flashlights also vary in size as well as weight. When students begin using the flashlights for drilling purposes, I am always amazed by how much the tool affects their ability to deploy serious blows. Just by me altering or switching the size of their flashlight, the student’s complete biomechanics change… And for the better!

So when it comes to advice on purchasing a tactical flashlight, I always recommend to get what feels right to you. Recently, I ordered a SWAT Tactical Flashlight from The Atomic Bear. Judging by the size and specs of this flashlight, I knew that it wasn’t something that I would use as EDC. But I did feel that it was perfect for some of my Natural Training Center members, as well as my wife.

Most of the higher-end tactical flashlights are heavier and considerably bigger than this SWAT model. It is also much less powerful coming in at 400 lumens. Those specs do not work for me but are ideal for my wife. She does not want to spend considerable money on a tactical flashlight that I would use. She doesn’t want to spend money on expensive batteries as well as a charger for them. She doesn’t want 1000+ lumens and wants to carry it on her key chain. Well, this flashlight is certainly a good fit for her.


  • This small powerful 3 mode tactical flashlight will help you out of a vulnerable situation in the dark – size of quarter and long like a credit card – battery not included
  • The 400 lumens LED CREE Q5 latest technology produces as much light as a 100 W bulb – runs for 25 hours straight of one AA (or 14500 rechargeable) battery (not included). Light up to 500 feet
  • The power of this LED tactical flashlight coupled with the ability to go from a wide beam to a blinding laser focused beam with a flick of a thumb is a badass advantage if faced with a human or an animal threat. If necessary, the sharp edges can come handy.
  • Made of aircraft grade aluminum, water resistant, highly portable, this tough-as-nail light will help you succeed in your most demanding duties.
  • This is a serious tool and we are serious about our products. We offer a LIFETIME satisfaction warranty.

Bottom Line:

If you or someone you know is in need of a tactical flashlight, that is packed with plenty of cool features but comes in at under $7… This may be a great choice for you/them.

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