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Here Is My Video Review Of The Uncle Mike’s Tactical Belt:

I often tease that the primary use of a tactical belt is to keep your damn pants up! I joke about it but to be honest, it’s a valid point. We see a lot of tactical gear being used at the local firearms ranges. We can easily turn on the TV and listen to the lame stream media spew falsehoods about the firearms community in general. We do not need to contribute to this nonsense by giving them more fodder to throw at us. By merely addressing our appearance before we go out in public bodes greatly for our cause. Keep in mind that many people at your local gun range may be visiting for the first time. Add in the children in attendance and you can see why their first impression of us is so crucial. So.. No “plumbers Crack” at the range! Are we cool with that? 😉

Getting back to the topic at hand, I want to go ahead and share my review with you of the Uncle Mike’s Tactical Instructor’s Belt. I own a couple of these belts. I have one that I use in the field and another (the one in my video review) that I use when I need to be squared away in uniform such as in a teaching application. This belt has treated me well over the years. It’s entry level price point is what attracted me at first. I saw the rest of the specs and decided to give it a try. I have used it in the field for countless applications and I have put it through the paces during security gigs. I can honestly say that I have been quite happy with it’s performance.

As always, we want to compare apples to apples. For the price, this belt offers me what I need. I have other tactical belts that are better suited for other uses. Just like everything else, you need to use the best tool for the job. In this case, it is up to you to decide which belt features the specifications that will handle your lifestyle. I am presenting information as to why I like this Uncle Mike’s Belt. The real mission here is for you to decide if it is the right belt for you to add to your gear. This is a very personal piece of gear that only you can decide if it is the right one. Bottom line, if you are in need of a tactical belt and are unsure of which one to get, this may be a great choice for you to start with. You probably have multiple belts hanging in your closet. Some are for dress occasions and others are for casual, everyday wear. Well, the same goes for this piece of tactical gear.

*Sizing gets a bit tricky on tactical belts. Remember to use a tape measure, measure your waist & use that measurement to order the correct size for you. If you plan on using this belt to carry a firearm, be sure to add an extra size if you plan on using an in-the-pants holster.


  • 100% Nylon
  • Imported
  • 0.2″ high
  • 3.7″ wide
  • Heavy duty precision stitching
  • Styled after traditional rescue/riggers belts
  • Belt color is Ranger Green to match a variety of pants, uniforms or tactical gear
  • Polymer reinforcement, sandwiched between two layers of rugged nylon offers rigid gun and accessory support
  • 1.5 inches wide
  • Based on the classic rescue or riggers belt
  • Ideal width (1-1/2″) for khakis, jeans and BDUs
  • Heavy pistol support, thanks to polymer reinforcement between two layers of rigid nylon
  • Made for the range, the squad room or that rare day off
  • Weight: approx. 12oz.
  • Made in China

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