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Protect Your Eyes While Simultaneously, Looking Our For Your wallet.

Here Is My Video Review On The RHEOS:

Being outdoors is one of the facets of life that I tend to fully enjoy. Whether I’m on the trail with my dogs, reviewing gear in the field or just out for a long run… Interacting with the environment has long been a passion of mine.

One thing that I require while enjoying these outdoor adventures is a pair of sunglasses. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • Protection from brush and branches
  • UV protection from the sun
  • Protection from glare in the snow
  • Polarization in order to aid with water activities
  • Shade from the sun while running/ hiking/ backpacking

There are usually 2 scenarios for me when it comes to purchasing sunglasses. The first being that when I get an expensive pair, I tend to lose them as fast as I buy them. The second option is me buying a cheap pair and they disintegrate nearly as fast as a burning match.

Recently, I came across an advertisement for RHEOS Sunglasses. They looked cool so I decided to take a closer look. I was impressed with what I saw and contacted RHEOS to get some more information. They replied back to me in no time and I placed my order.

I received 3 pairs of the RHEOS sunglasses. To be honest… once I picked up the first pair, they were so light that I thought they were going to fall apart in my hands. But as I played around with them, I felt more comfortable with their construction. But man… are they light.

I tried on each pair, they felt great but I wanted to get my wife’s opinion on the look. She quickly gave me the thumbs up, which is not always an easy achievement. From there, I tested these sunglasses within various activities and they are definitely; good to go.

I recently ran the Staten Island 1/2 Marathon wearing a pair of RHEOS. I’ve also gotten compliments wearing them for more casual purposes around town. So as you can see, these glasses offer some serious versatility.


  • Polarized
  • FEATHER LIGHT AND DURABLE FLOATING SUNGLASSES – Ultralight TPX frame construction which gives them extreme durability. 20% lighter than average frames, enabling them to float on water and keeping you comfortable for long-term wear.
  • POLARIZED PROTECTION – The lenses are polarized with 100% UV protection and include dual anti-scratch and anti-reflection layers as well as shatterproof technology. Our lenses are carefully designed to protect you from 100% of harmful UV rays. Over time these rays can cause long-term, irreparable damage to your eyes.
  • FULLY FEATURED LENS – Lenses built to withstand the wear and tear of everyday use with an anti-scratch coating. A specialty hydrophobic coating allows water to bead off the lens, and our anti-fog coating quickly clears the lenses in extreme temperature changes, such as exercising in cold weather, so you do not need to remove them and do it yourself.
  • BUILT FOR EVERYDAY WEAR – RHEOS floating sunglasses are designed to offer the same style, durability and comfort that people expect out of their everyday shades – without the risk of sinking. Unlike other floating sunglasses that rely on bulky buoys or air injections, Rheos designs are made of ultra-lightweight TPX material to achieve a floating frame without compromising durability.
  • LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY – We provide a lifetime limited manufacturer’s warranty supporting all aspects of the frame and lenses resulting from non-accidental damage with proof of photo. Warranty replacements may be subject to nominal fees. Please check their website for warranty details.

Bottom Line:

If you want a $50 pair of sunglasses, that offer the same if not better features than the more expensive brands, be sure to take a look at the RHEOS. So far, I am quite happy with their performance.

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