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Here Is My Video Review On Rome’s Pie Iron:

When it comes to open campfire cooking, cast iron is my preferred cookware. There is something about the taste, the smell and the nostalgia of it all.. Cast Iron has stood the test of time over the centuries. -From the European settlers to the original cowboys, cast iron was found in their fire-pits.. And that’s just in the New World.

The dutch oven is my go-to cookware when the situation allows it. The recipe possibilities are endless and cooking in cast iron is a much healthier choice than other metals. It’s not a viable choice if you need to be on the move & carrying your gear. But if you have your vehicle or decide to stay-in during the emergency scenario, then cast iron may be a solution for you to look into. It’s simplicity & versatility bode well in emergencies, especially small groups. Spending quality time with your family during an emergency, preparing a meal around the fire, can make all the difference when it comes to mental sanity.
When I was a camp counselor in training, in the boy scouts, I was exposed to this cast iron thing which attached to 2 rods. I was familiar with many cast iron cooking tools but had never seen this one. It was my first exposure to Rome’s Pie Iron. We buttered up the outside of the sliced bread that we “borrowed” from the mess hall and put some American cheese in the middle. We placed it in the pie iron & laid the iron on the coals. A few minutes & a few flips of the iron later, it was time to open it up. MAN! I had never had a better grilled cheese in my life! – Let’s just say that the pie iron left an impression.

The possibilities with the pie iron is limited to your imagination. You can make anything from apple pies to empanadas. You can make some amazing pizza and you can grill the tastiest vegetables; it’s all up to you and your practice with the iron. The good thing is that the more that you use it, the better that food becomes. It’s known as cast-iron cooking, Magic! 😉


  • The King Of Pie Irons, Makes Two At A Time
  • Made From Solid Cast Iron
  • Firepits & Campfires
  • Dimensions: 28 x 8.5 x 2 inches
  • Cooking surface: 8.5″ x 4.25″
  • Weight: 5.1 pounds
  • Chrome plated rods
  • Wooden handles
  • Made in China
  • Since 1964

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