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I own a fair amount of rucksacks and backpacks. Due to my lifestyle, the majority of these packs are tactical in build as well as appearance. For the majority of scenarios, my rucksacks are perfect for the job at hand. But there are times where flying under the radar is the best option. And when it came to my rusksack collection, flying under the radar was certainly not the first thing that you thought of when you looked at it. I had recently reviewed the The Clipster wallet and while on that company’s website, I noticed that they carried a rucksack that would fill the void that I was currently facing. I decided to order the RuckSac by NutSac.

In today’s global climate, there are many scenarios where I don’t want to stand out. Wearing a backpack that looks a bit too tactical to some, sends up flags. When that happens, law enforcement, security personnel and even business owners tend to treat you a bit different. And as of late… it’ not always positive.

That’s when I decided to look for a rucksack that would handle all of my demands for a ruck -but also be discreet. When I saw the specs and look of the RuckSac, I thought that this one may be my solution. I contacted NutSac and placed my order.

I received my RuckSac and my first impression came with a big smile. It was constructed from high quality material, felt comfortable and as far as the look… Let’s just say the pictures on the website do not do it justice. Even my wife gave it a big “wow” when I showed her my new Ruck. The fact that my wife approved, I knew that I had something really good here!


  • Dimensions: 19″x13″x5″
  • Weight3.5 lbs/ 1.59 kg
  • Full-grain leather
  • Waxed-canvas (water resistant)
  • Internal laptop sleeve
  • Side zipper access
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Made In The USA


If you are in the market for a rucksack of backpack that will perform in the field and can easily be worn to the local bistro without anyone giving you a second look, definitely take a look at this RuckSac by NutSac.

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