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SABRE Wireless Home Alarm System
I have been familiar with the SABRE name for quite some time. They are best known for their line of pepper spray that has been used for decades by military and police units all around the world. Even my mailman carries dog pepper spray made by SABRE. Fortunately, he has yet to use it on any of my 4 dogs. 😉

Recently, SABRE has branched off into various home alarm products. These systems are wireless, inexpensive and incredibly easy to install. Compared to other similar products on the market, SABRE’s alarm systems take up very little room and actually complement the location in which they are installed – due to their streamlined aesthetics.

I needed an alarm system for my headquarters. My HQ is located in a detached building, next to my home. My home has a wired security system, which was already installed when I purchased the house. It is a great system but unfortunately… It is not expandable. I have a security camera system installed in my HQ but I also wanted to add an alarm system. That is when I began my research and came across the SABRE Wireless Home Alarm System. Since I recognized the SABRE name, I began to delve further into their options.

I am already paying a monitoring fee for the alarm system in my home. I certainly did not want to incur an additional monthly fee for the system in my HQ. My primary focus was to get a system that would act as a deterrent to the would-be burglar. I wanted a loud siren and the least amount of wiring as possible. My HQ is very streamlined and I didn’t want a cluster of ugly wires exposed to both me and my clients. I already had my camera system which notifies me of any movement in my HQ; My next criteria was cost and ease of install.

The SABRE system, on paper, seemed to provide me with the solution that I needed. There were 2 other systems that were in the running along with SABRE. But to be honest… I didn’t recognize their names. Since I had already owned and used SABRE products over the years, I decided to stick with the name that I knew and trusted.

I received the SABRE security system and began to look at the contents. It was well packaged (took me 5 minutes just to get through the plastic container) and included nearly all the components that I needed. The only thing missing were a few batteries. The keypad has an AC adapter in order to plug it into an electrical outlet, but it also needs (1) 9v battery for electrical backup, and to help with any tampering once the alarm has been triggered.

SABRE Wireless Home Alarm System

The keypad is customizable and feature rich, for such a simple unit. The keypad features 4 operation modes (alarm, alert, home and standby.) It also has 3-color LCD display which looks good and helps with programming in dimly lit areas. The keypad also contains the siren which is 120 dB. This is certainly loud enough to alert me or my neighbors to any foul play that would be occurring in my HQ. Another great feature of this keypad is that it looks good. In the past, I have had much more expensive alarm systems that, did the job, but looked very cheap and took away from the decor.

SABRE Wireless Home Alarm System

The motion detector is this system also works quite well. However, I did have to play with the sensitivity settings and positioning in order for it to work the way that I needed it to. The fact that it didn’t require any wiring, only a 9v battery, gave me the flexibility to mount it exactly where I needed it. It has a 120 degree angle of detection which is perfect for my needs. The motion detector features a low battery indicator so that there are no surprises once the battery becomes weak.

SABRE Wireless Home Alarm System

This system also includes (2) window / door sensors. I installed one on my door and the other on a window. They installed easily with double sided tape. On my door, I decided to recess a part of the sensor and the other piece got glued to the door. I did add “Gorilla Glue” to both the sensor on the door as well as the one on the window. With all the temperature fluctuations in that building, I wanted the added peace of mind so I doubled up on the glue. These sensors do not require any wiring, just (2) AA batteries each, which were included in the package. They were certainly a very welcomed addition.

SABRE Wireless Home Alarm System

The last little piece to this security system was the key FOB. This works just like the key FOB’s in your car’s alarm system. I am able to arm and disarm the system just by using this handy little key chain. It is powered by a 12v battery which is also included in the package. This FOB certainly makes things much more simple and allows me to give others access to my HQ without having to reveal my security code to them. They can just borrow the FOB and return it when done.

I have used and tested this system for over 3 months now. For something that is incredibly simple, it does exactly what I had hoped that it would do. This alarm system is expandable, meaning that you can purchase additional sensors and components that will work with the initial setup. I am eyeing another window sensor as well as a second siren; Yes… I like things annoying loud! 🙂

There are countless options when it comes to home alarm systems. The important aspect is to find one that is secure and fits your needs. I am happy that I came across this one by SABRE. Not only did it address my concerns, but I was able to do so without going over my budget; Another great feature… No Monthly Bill!

If you are in the market for a home security system that is affordable and easy to install, take a look at this one by SABRE. It may provide you with the solution that you want, without taking up much of your time and/or money.

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Thank you for reading, I hope that you found this article useful.