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As a United States Marine, an entrenching tool (e-tool) was part of my standard issue. Wherever we went, our shovels were always affixed to our rucksack. We would use our e-tools for digging foxholes in all sorts of terrain. Whenever a latrine was needed, our e-tools were deployed and quickly put to work. Even during combatives training, our shovels came into play as versatile weapon that could be counted on when no other solution was available.

When I left active duty, I was able to bring my e-tool with me. It is still by my side, decades later, and gets used more often than many of my other tools. Since I get a lot of value from this tri-fold shovel, I decided to add a few more to my gear list. I needed a couple for my vehicles and another for my other go bag. I searched the Internet to see what was available and came across this one made by a company called SERGEANT.

I was hesitant at first because this e-tool was not made in the USA. But as I looked at the specifications, I noticed that the specs were nearly identical to my military issued shovel. What stood out to me was the price of this shovel. It was nearly half the cost of other e-tools that offered similar specs. This one by SERGEANT also came with a lifetime warranty so I felt like I had very little to lose.

I opted for this e-tool by SERGEANT and placed my order. When I received my package from Amazon, I quickly opened it hoping that I wouldn’t be disappointed. Luckily, my first impression was a thumbs up!

These shovels felt just like the e-tool that I was used to for years. The construction was solid and it even included a quality nylon carrying case. I was pleased with my first impression but would it hold up to my testing process? It was time to find out.

My wife and I happened to be putting in fresh sod when these shovels arrived. I figured that this would be an excellent opportunity to find out if this shovel would hold up to real world use. We had varied terrain to dig up and there were plenty of rocks to navigate around. Not only was I impressed with this shovel but my wife even commented on how well it performed.


  • ✔️ COMPACT, LIGHTWEIGHT & PORTABLE – The Sergeant folding shovel with its nylon carrying case is the perfect size for all your needs and can easily travel with you to the campground, garden or job site. It folds down from 23 inches fully extended to a mere 10 inches for simple transport in your vehicle’s trunk or bed, or easy storage in your shop or shed.
  • ✔️ RUGGED CONSTRUCTION FOR HEAVY-DUTY USE – Built to handle the toughest jobs, it is made of tempered forged steel and is supported by a durable metal shaft with a positive locking collar to keep you safe and protected during heavy use. With a powder coated 2.5 mm thick steel blade, it’s strong enough to take on the toughest job functions.
  • ✔️ MULTI-FUNCTIONAL FOR ALL YOUR NEEDS – This durable and compact entrenching tool, with its comfortable ergonomic handle, serves dozens of functions and can be used as a shovel, pickaxe, saw or hoe. It can withstand extensive use in any environment and is small enough to work in compact spaces where a regular size shovel won’t fit.
  • ✔️ SERRATED EDGE & CONVENIENT CARRYING CASE – Use the serrated edge to saw through roots, grass, plants and heavy undergrowth or to cut into hard dirt and ice. Easily fold up the shovel for simple transport in the nylon storage case with gear and belt loops for convenient carry.
  • ✔️ LIFETIME WARRANTY – Your 100% satisfaction is our #1 priority. Sergeant products are therefore guaranteed against defects in workmanship and materials for the life of the item. If you are not happy with the product, simply ship it back for a full refund

Bottom Line:

If you are need of a versatile shovel that will perform just as well in the field, as it does in the home, take a close look at this one by SERGEANT. It is priced right and comes with a lifetime warranty. Hopefully it will work as well for you as it has for me.

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