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I’m always excited when The Atomic Bear releases a new product; especially when it is a tactical pen. If you are not familiar with a tactical pen, here is some information that I put together a while back. I carry a Tactical pen quite often and especially when I travel. When traveling, there are rules and regulations that do not allow me to carry the same EDC (everyday carry) that I do when I am in my home area. That is when I rely on my tactical pen because I’d rather have something than nothing. In addition, with proper training, it becomes a very viable tool for self defense.

Back To The Atomic Bear…

Today The Atomic bear (TAB) has released their long awaited 2022 tactical pen model called the Tactical Stealth Pen Pro. It has been in development for a while and its long awaited arrival is finally here, just in time for the Holiday season. This pen looks great, subtle, fits perfectly in the hand and is even ideal when it comes to training with actual contact.


  • Ballpoint pen using Parker G2 type of ink cartridges. Accepts Fisher Space ink as well. This means that you can use your favorite ink cartridge. It comes with a Schmidt P900 medium black ink refills.
  • This new genre of tactical pen has its main body made of weapon grade polymer for a light and tough feel.
  • The ink cartridge is activated with only one hand thanks to a low profile bolt action button. This means that there is not cap to unscrew or take out when you need to write.
  • The tungsten carbide glass breaker is hidden under a stiff silicon cap. This conceals the sharp edge, which means no one will call you out for using a ‘dangerous’ pen. It also means that the sharp edge won’t poke you.
  • The writing tip is made of 6061-T6 aircraft grade aluminum. It is designed with small serrations for a quick and convenient way to use the Stealth Pen Pro as a self-defense tool. Also, the serrations serves as a DNA catcher.
  • The pen shaft has an hexagonal shape for a great confort when writing. The subtle knurling gives just enough grip when both writing or defending.
  • The serrated end can be unscrewed, the ink cartridge removed, and the pen can be used safely for training purposes.


If you are looking for a top of the line tactical pen, that flies under the radar while accommodating various options, take a close look at this Tactical Stealth Pen Pro by The Atomic Bear.

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