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I have always been one to lock up my valuables in a safe. I have owned a few different safes over the years and I always try to get the best option, within my budget. A safe is certainly something that I do not want to skimp on. To me, there is no reason to have a false sense of security. I don’t just want to think that my valuables are safe… I want to know!

Hurricane Ida recently wreaked havoc in my area. My basement flooded and my floor safe, which was 8 inches off the floor, was submerged for hours. My family lost a few of our valuables and of course, the safe also got tossed into the recycling center. I had always wanted a wall safe and since I needed to replace my safe, now was the time. One issue that prevented me in the past, from getting a wall safe, was the fact that they didn’t have much space. A wall safe would be ideal for the flood situation that I had just incurred. However, I would have to give up a lot of space which I needed for my family’s valuables.

I began searching for a solution and came across the Stealth Deep Wall Safe from Armadillo Safes. This safe was a beast! It was made in the USA, built very well and was 10 inches deep. That space would work well as the solution that I required. I contacted Armadillo Safes and asked a few questions. I received a reply almost instantly and was impressed with their customer support. Armadillo Safes is a veteran owned company. Another great aspect is that once they found out that I was a veteran, they offered me a discount on the Stealth deep wall safe. I went ahead and placed my order.

The safe arrived and it was well packed. No dings, dents… not even a scratch! I tested the electric lock with the default combination and it worked well. I would later change the combination to my own code once the safe was installed. It was a simple process and you can find out how by viewing this video (How To Change Your Combination) It was now time for me to install my new Stealth wall safe.

I installed the safe and changed my code. I also added an LED light, dehumidifier and humidity gauge to the inside of my safe. I finally felt a bit more secure again not that my valuables were safer than ever.


  • HEAVY DUTY SECURITY: 1/2″ Thick Steel Plate Door with 12 Gauge Steel Body – Made in USA
  • EXTREMELY SECURE: Three Massive 1″ Solid Steel Locking Bolts, Bolt Detent & Brushed Nickel Handle
  • UL RATED LOCK: High Security Electronic Lock UL Approved – NL Universal Lock UR-2020 Protected by Hardplate and Relocker
  • SPACIOUS INTERIOR: 1 Removable Carpeted Shelf, Carpeted Bottom and Chrome Handle
  • External Dimensions: 14″ H x 14″ W x 10″ D / 16″ H x 16″ W with Outer Flange / Weight: 73 lbs


If you are in the market for a wall safe, definitely take a look at this Stealth Deep Wall Safe by Armadillo Safes. I made this video in order to help prevent the devastation that happened to my family, from happening to you and your loved ones. We must always be prepared.

If you are interested in learning more about the Stealth Wall Safe and Armadillo Safes, click on the link below:

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