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Here Is My Video Review On The Stinger Roller Ball:

Let’s face it, working on preparedness and specifically, physical preparedness, takes a toll on our bodies. We carry heavy packs, hike for countless miles and implement tough workouts to keep our physical conditioning at its peak. This type of activity adds great stress to the body. It is warranted and needed if we truly strive to be prepared. On the flip-side, we also need to restore our bodies so that they remain healthy and prepped for our next mission. I use various restoration approaches within my NTC Method. One of those approaches is self-myofascial release.

If you are not familiar with self-myofascial release, here is an excerpt from Wikipedia:

“Myofascial release (or MFR) is an alternative medicine therapy that claims to treat skeletal muscle immobility and pain by relaxing contracted muscles, improving blood and lymphatic circulation, and stimulating the stretch reflex in muscles.”

I explain it like this (being the layperson that I am)… – We get tightness in our muscles and connective tissue from our physical activities. That tightness & formation of “knots” contribute to discomfort and limited mobility from the stiffness. If not addressed, this usually leads to injury and continued aches & pains. With self-myofascial release (SMR), you are doing the work yourself, usually, with the aid of a device such as a ball or a foal roller. Recently, I got my hands on a Stinger Cold Therapy Roller Ball that I have been implementing into my restoration routine. I am satisfied with it’s diversity and it’s effectiveness.

This Stinger Roller Ball is able to be frozen. If you want to apply cold therapy & even use it with the R.I.C.E. method you will find this feature useful. All that you have to do is to remove the ball from it’s housing and place it in your freezer for 2 hours. It stays cold for 6 hours which is more than many other cold therapy products currently available.

I suggest getting more information on (SMR) before you implement your own routine. It is better to begin with more forgiving devices such as foam rollers and larger balls. Then, once you are comfortable, graduate to smaller & harder devices such as this Stinger Roller Ball.


  • Cold Therapy Meets Massage – Place the Stinger in the Freezer for 2 hours and enjoy up to six hours of cold therapy.
  • Like any roll massage product, chose a muscle group and firmly apply pressure through the chosen area. Roll back and forth. You should feel the stretching and release of tension in the area, and, while some tight areas may require a little working, it shouldn’t be painful.
  • The bottom blue ring can unscrew from the top handle, allowing you to use the ball for specific exercises like foot massage / Foot stretching.
  • Use to massage any muscle group: Biceps, Chest, Shoulders, Forearms, Thighs, Shins, Feet, Triceps, Back, Calves
  • Features a gel-filled stainless steel ball with a removable plastic housing

Bottom Line: If you want to get started with SMR or want to expand on your current routine, take a look at this Stinger Roller. It is well built, can be used for cold therapy & comes in a versatile housing. It may be a great addition to your restoration routine.

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