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Here Is My Video Review On The SUNWARRIOR Protein:

While I’m out in the field, one of the chores that I look forward to is cooking. I enjoy preparing the tinder, kindling and fuel that will last well into the night. Starting and maintaining a fire also allows me time to hone my skills. And if I can bring my dutch oven into the equation… I’m A Happy Guy!sunwarrior ad

Those basecamp adventures are always penciled into the calendar. But there are other scenarios where allotting time for meal preparation just isn’t on the schedule. There are also factors, including the ability to legally build an open fire, that come into play. For those outings, I prefer bringing some protein powder with me. It’s easy and fast to prepare; In addition, cleanup is a breeze. Let’s not forget that it also weighs close to nothing in your pack.

Recently, my Warrior Zero Project members have been asking me for recommendations on protein powder. Some want if for use at home, the gym or the dojo. While others want something easy and nutritious so that they can accomplish their mission while out on the trail.

One of the protein powders that I have used for the past decade is SUNWARRIOR Protein powder. It consists of minimal clean ingredients, full of nutrients and amino acids; Just as importantly- It also TASTES GREAT!


    • UNRIVALED FITNESS: Perfect for connoisseurs of simplicity and those with sensitivities
    • PURE PROTEIN SOURCE: Derived from raw, sprouted brown rice with balanced amino acids for increased endurance
    • FEARLESS FREEDOM: Free of soy, dairy, GMOs, sugar, and gluten, plus it’s raw and vegan
    • EASY PREP: Shake up with your favorite beverage or get fancy and blend with fruit, greens, ice, boosters, and more NO MORE SCOOP DIGGING: Giving the gift of time and convenience, our scoop is built into the lid
sunwarrior protein ingredients
SUNWARRIOR Chocolate Protein Ingredients

Bottom Line:

If you want a protein powder that is extremely clean, nutritious and easily assimilates into your body- give SUNWARRIOR a try. The formula has changed a bit over the years but I still consider it one of my favorites.

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