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Here Is My Video Review On The Tactical LED Pen:

When it comes to tactical pens, there certainly aren’t a lack of options in today’s market. After all, they are practical, can be brought anywhere and make a good writing utensil. Tactical pens offer a variety of features but this isn’t always a good thing… Some manufacturers are so concerned with adding extra features that they forego the main purpose of a tactical pen; Self Defense.

Recently I picked up a Tactical LED Pen by Survival Hax. When I initially read the specs, I was a bit concerned that this pen was offering a bit too much when it came to bundled features. Usually, when extra features are added to a tactical pen, the overall integrity of the tool becomes jeopardized. Luckily, this tactical pen does have some cool features but it also does well to maintain quality in it’s design and application.

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This pen is not only built well but it also features a glass breaking tip, a ferro rod and an LED flashlight. I got to put all of the pen’s components to the test during my review. I have to state that I am impressed with the way that it performed. This pen does not only feel good in the hand but the extra features actually work… and work well!


  • 4 TOOLS IN 1 – Kubotan glass-breaker, Fire Starter, LED light, and a refillable ballpoint pen.
  • Hand crafted with aircraft aluminum alloy.
  • Tungsten steel cone tip.
  • EDC CARRY CLIP – Easy carry clip allows you to take this pen anywhere. Clip it on your shirt, pants pocket, or in your purse.
  • Comes in a smooth black box
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Weight: Approximately 3oz.

Bottom Line:

If you are in the market for a well built tactical pen with extra key features, take a look at this tactical LED pen. It may be the right solution for your needs.

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