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As I was contemplating releasing this program questions began to arise from both members and peers of mine. Basically, the top question was, why now.

You have been teaching this material for well over a decade. You have other online programs. You have obviously been in the game for a while. What made you, after all this time, decide to make the Surviving The Knife course available to the general public, now?

That’s a complicated question.. and I’m going to try to give an uncomplicated answer. I’ve been very privileged to travel the world, and be able to teach the material that I’m presenting in this course.

surviving the knife

But previously, the only people that were able to take advantage of this instruction were military, law enforcement, first responders and senior cadre from martial arts academies. Their organizations were the core of my student base.

So basically, what I’m eluding to is that these were the privileged few. only ones allowed to participate in my course. But, that was okay with me. Because, I was comfortable.

I was comfortable with the fact that these students were getting vetted by their commanding officers and instructors, before I even arrived in their country. Background checks were performed and everyone was cleared. That took the responsibility off of me because, let’s face it, teaching a fitness program or a movement program is a lot different than teaching material, that could take someone’s life away. I wanted the least amount of liability as possible.

And all these years later, that “mental liability” alone, still gave me pause, when it came time to releasing this Surviving The Knife course.

What I am teaching here is serious. With one simple movement, someone’s life is gone in the blink of an eye. I don’t want to get a phone call or email from someone saying, “just to inform you… this guy bought your course and decided to carve up half of his neighborhood, successfully.” That’s is some heavy shit to carry around with you, for life.

I Wanted No Part Of Making This Course Available Online!

Fast forwarding a bit… to the last couple of years.. and things that I’m seeing globally, especially the United States of America… Has had a great deal to do with my recent decision to make this course available to you.

We have always been very big Second Amendment supporters, here in the United States. Not to get political here, but… I see our freedom and certain rights, getting taken away, nearly day by day. Without as much as, a second glance, by most Americans.

Quick example, I’m from New Jersey. A few months ago, with the swipe of a pen, our governor made all the legal, law-abiding gun owners such as myself, felons. The reasoning had to do with magazine size restrictions and other gun features that are so ludicrous, that I wouldn’t even bore you with the ridiculous details. You can easily find them with a Google search if you are interested.

So now more than ever, our self defense tools -that we used to count on for protection here in the states- are becoming illegal. When we look globally, at places like the UK, England, France, and others… Their right to self defense is nearly, non-existent! But you know who is able to carry any weapon that they want?

The Fucking Criminals! That Is Who.

These current events are what got my wheels turning. I began thinking: “I train these elite operators around the world, so that they can protect and serve their communities. But basically, I am only teaching this material to these privileged few. What about all those in my own community and even in my own family, that could also be utilizing the material, that I am teaching in this course?

At This Point, I Knew That Something Had To Be Done.

Now, there are countless other programs available on knife fighting, and knife defense. In addition, there is countless other, martial art related material, available for purchase.

There are many good choices for sale. To be honest with you, I have purchased many of them over the years; and I certainly have my favorites. But when it came to self defense courses, which focused on the knife, I felt that they were incomplete.

I would watch these tutorials and say to myself, “man, it would be great if this course went over this technique. Or.. he mentioned this principle, but never fully explained it.”

At that point, there really wasn’t much that I could say. I could critique, give my opinion to peers and students, but I find that approach to be a waste of time. I either had to provide a solution that I felt was a complete knife course, or just Shut The Fuck Up.

My Solution:

This Surviving The Knife Course.

I provided the map with this course, all that you have to do is follow that map.

I put a lot into this course. My hope is that you take advantage of this instruction, in order to help to protect you and your loved ones.

Take advantage, and be proactive!

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