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prio by xero shoes review

Review Of The Prio By XERO Shoes

Here Is My Video Review On The Prio By XERO Shoes: Whenever there is a possibility of me being barefoot… I take that opportunity. Unfortunately in today’s environment, that isn’t always practical. Luckily, there are a few viable choices out there for minimalist footwear. It’s not the same as being barefoot but it’s pretty damn […]

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ipari hana shoes review

Ipari Hana By Xero Shoes Review

Here Is My Video Review On The Ipari Hana’s: When it comes to any activity, my preference for footwear is minimalist shoes. It isn’t always possible depending on what my mission is but as soon as I can, I resort back to the minimalist approach. Luckily, there are more options available on the market than ever before. […]

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