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It’s been over a decade that I have been using XERO Shoes. Needless to say, I’m a big fan.

The outdoor activities that I enjoy the most rucking and hiking. I’ve logged a heck of a lot of miles rucking and hiking with my XERO Shoes. I always found them to be comfortable but when it came to slippery, muddy and sandy terrain, my XERO Shoes didn’t offer much as far as traction. The good that the XERO Shoes offered me out-weighed the con of not having traction so I always opted for my XERO Shoes.

A few years ago XERO Shoes introduced their TerraFlex model. The TerraFlex offered all the specs that I enjoyed from my other XERO Shoes models but it removed the one con that I had which was the lack of traction. The TerraFlex offered lugs or cleats on the bottom that gave excellent traction regardless of the terrain.

TerraFlex II NOW AVAILABLE IN ‘2022!

I recently received an email from XERO Shoes introducing me to their new 2022 models. As I read through the email I saw that there was a new, TerraFlex II model! I contacted XERO Shoes and they opted to send me a pair of the new TerraFlex II for me to review.

I received the TerraFlex II shoes and as soon as I unboxed them, a smile came over my face. These were lighter, more durable and even looked better than the original TerraFlex model.


  • Rubber sole
  • THE BEST LIGHTWEIGHT TRAIL RUNNING SHOES – The TerraFlex offers trail-gripping comfort to handle your active lifestyle. A men’s US 9 is about 9.2 ounces each so you can enjoy lightweight performance during your next adventure
  • XERO DROP SOLE FOR PERFECT POSTURE – The Xero Drop sole offers a non-elevated heel and is low-to-the-ground for proper posture, balance, and agility. Enjoy embedded 3mm BareFoam, tire tread-inspired sole, and Tough Tek toe bumper for extra security
  • FLEX YOUR FEET, FEEL THE FLOOR – Features patented 6.5mm FeelTrue sole base with 4mm lugs; optional 3mm insole to adjust the amount of “barefoot feel”. You’ll love the comfort and traction that comes from a wide toe box and breathable mesh upper
  • VEGAN FRIENDLY – Xero Shoes believes in promoting healthy and sustainable lifestyles which is why the TerraFlex II is made with zero animal products
  • GET THE RIGHT FIT with FREE Domestic Exchanges – This shoe runs “true to size.” If for any reason that’s not the case for you, contact us for a free domestic exchange of your ‘like-new’ shoe


If you are in the market for a trail shoe, that is minimalist and offers ample traction, take a look at the TerraFlex II.

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