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A Survival Kit That Works Well For The Beginner And A Viable Kit For Redundancy.

When it comes to emergency preparedness gear, one of my focus points is on redundancy. I have multiple tools and pieces of gear that have a similar application; this is known as redundancy. As an example, I have a main tactical flashlight but also have a tactical pen that has a small flashlight as part of its features. My back up tools are usually less expensive than my main tools. This makes adding redundancy to your own gear lists doable, economically speaking.

Redundancy is important because we are humans… We Lose, Misplace and Break Gear All The Time. Having a backup, is always a good strategy. That is where the SWAT Survival Kit by The Atomic Bear comes in.

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This SWAT Survival Kit comes in a small case and contains key items that work for primary purposes as well as redundancy. For the beginner, it contains just enough tools to get you started on getting that go bag together. For those that already have a a good amount of primary gear, then the small form factor on this kit is something to consider. It is a simple way add back up to your primary gear.


  • BADASS SURVIVAL KIT – Be ready when SHTF with this reliable panoply of survival items by The Atomic Bear: SWAT Knife, MTP-6 Tactical Pen with Flashlight, SWAT Tactical Flashlight, Emergency Blanket, Cobra Adjustable Paracord Bracelet (compass, emergency whistle, paracord, fire-starter), Large Ferrocerium Fire Starter, Saw Wire, 11-in-1 Multi Tool Card
  • MADE FOR THOSE WHO CARE – This kit was built to satisfy the most demanding man. Includes Atomic Bear fans’ favorite gear like the SWAT folding knife with a G10 handle and a stainless steel semi-serrated blade.
  • COMPACT, EASY TO CARRY, ORGANIZED –  Fits easily in a bug out bag, backpack, in a car emergency glovebox, under a car seat, etc. Water resistant and organized Atomic Bear carry box that will easily close back with each item in its spot.
  • Whether you are an outdoor adventurer or you love hunting, hiking, camping, climbing, prepping, you will enjoy this survival box.


If you want a survival kit that is compact, contains a good assortment of gear and is budget conscience… take a look at this SWAT Survival Kit by The Atomic Bear.

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