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When it comes to tactical belts, I have a quite a few in my collection. Some are thicker, some thinner and they vary in their construction material. However, they all have one main job in mind and that is… To keep your damn pants up! But that is where the common ground ends for most tactical belts. Today I want to share my, The Atomic Bear- Tactical Belt Review, with you.

If I am working a security job and need my full kit attached to my belt, I opt for my stiffer tactical belts. But if I am in a recreation capacity, either in the field or on the trail, I prefer a tactical belt that offers me more comfort. The items that I will be carrying will be fewer and also lighter in a recreational scenario. A fixed blade, multi-tool and a flashlight may be the only items that I need. There is no need for the beefier as well as heavier, belt options. But a credible tactical belt is still a must, even when the gear load is lighter.

I recently got a tactical belt made by The Atomic Bear (TAB). I own various products and gear made by TAB. Over the years, they have served me quite well. So it should come at no surprise, that when I saw a listing for their new tactical belt, I wanted to put it through my review process.

The Tactical Belt by TAB is well made. It offers a heavy duty stainless steel buckle that will secure the nylon belt and keep it from slipping. The belt is made from nylon and is 1.5 inches in width. It is also reinforced in the back with 2-ply of nylon.

Keep in mind that this is also an attractive belt that can easily be worn for casual wear.


  • DIMENSIONS – Made of high quality double layer nylon. 1.5″ width. Cut to fit pants sizes 30-46
  • CONCEALED CARRY EDC – Strong enough for IWB or OWB holsters. Holds gun and mag holsters firmly
  • COMFORT FOR EVERYDAY USE – Holds up your jeans or duty pants Doesn’t get soggy or dig into your side
  • STAYS TIGHT – Heavy duty stainless steel self-tightening buckle quick and easy to undo or adjust
  • ATOMIC BEAR QUALITY – This brand is known for its lifetime warranty and high quality tactical gear


If you are in the market for an entry level tactical belt, that is very well priced and features a lifetime warranty, take a look at this one by TAB. It comes in at 1/4th the cost of my other tactical belts and looks good when on.

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