The Pure Sip Personal Water Purifier Review

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Here is my video review of the Pure Sip:

I am always excited when I get new toys in the mail; I mean products to test.. 😉 A few weeks ago I receive a few Pure Sip Personal Water Purifiers to test and review.

Since I had an event coming up, I asked a few of our NTC Members to partake in the task. We were all impressed with the features of the Pure Sip and it comes in such a small, convenient package. I was intrigued from the beginning because of the fact that Pure Sip has sold over 1 million purifiers to the U.S. Military.

Here are some key features of the World Solutions Pure Sip:

  • ViroBac™, a proven and laboratory tested water purification media
  • Light weight, convenient, easy to use and ultra portable
  • Produces pure, safe, good tasting water
  • Effective: Uses ViroBac™ a proven and laboratory tested water purification media
  • Bacteria and Viruses are killed instantly on contact
  • Exceeds US EPA and WHO water purity standards
  • Can be used under continuous or repeat conditions for up to 3 years
  • Built in safety factor: will clog before disinfection properties are exhausted
  • Unique design purifies contaminated, non-brackish water from most sources

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Thank you for viewing, I hope that you enjoyed this review.

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