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Why carry a tactical pen in the first place?

A tactical pen is the one everyday carry (EDC) item that will, most likely, fly under the radar if scrutinized. Many states and especially other countries have laws and regulations against some of the most common EDC items that many of us are used to carrying in our home states.

When you factor in that a tactical pen is a writing utensil, you can justify having it on your possession in almost any situation. When compared to a knife, the tactical pen has a lot less chance of getting confiscated, and/or getting you in serious trouble with the law.

In addition, if you were to have to plead your case in a court of law for defending yourself with a tactical pen… You will fare better than if you used a firearm, knife or even an expandable baton. 

There are a few distinct features to a tactical pen, I go into greater detail on the benefits and features in my “What The Hell Is A Tactical Pen” video. However, the business end of a tactical pen is usually a glass-breaker. Many of us carry a tactical pen with a self defense application in mind. However, in a rescue situation, you can get a person or animal out of a sticky situation just by having a tool on you that can not only crush skulls, but also smash the window of a vehicle.

A tactical pen may not be you first choice when it comes to EDC for self defense. But I always tell my members that I’d rather have something as my go to item in a self defense situation, than nothing.

4 Tips To Get Your Tactical Pen Through Airport Security:

  • Carry yourself properly, including dress and attitude. Treat security and law enforcement with respect.
  • Blend your tactical pen in with your other writing utensils. (other pens, markers, pencils, sharpies)
  • Carry a pen that doesn’t look “tactical.” The more that a looks like a regular pen, the better.
  • Keep less tactical stuff in the same bag as your pen. The more “scary items” the more scrutiny.

As a back up measure, I keep a tactical pen or 2 in the bag that I check in. That way if I were to get my pen taken away at check-in, I will have another to use for EDC once I land.

It is never fool proof but in my experience, I have never gotten a tactical pen taken away. I have traveled 10’s of thousands of miles over the past few years. I have carried various styles and models of tactical pens with me on many airlines.

If you follow the advice that I mentioned in my video, you should have the same positive results that I have had.