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Here Is My U-Dig-It Video Review:

The U-Dig-It trowel is just one of those items that I never give credit to. It just stays strapped to outside of my GORUCK and I never seem to think about it

until I need it.

The U Dig It is lightweight, compact, comes with a carrying case and is made in the USA. The fact that it’s deign is compact & lightweight makes it discreet but do not underestimate it’s value.

  • Digging up critters for fishing
  • Picking up after your dogs
  • Moving items that you may not want to touch
  • Digging a hole for “commode” use
  • Firebuiding
  • Dutch oven cooking
  • Cooking
  • Signaling (in a pinch)
  • Improvised weapon (sharp pointed edge)

U-Dig-It Trowel Shovel

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I certainly feel that every backpack should contain a U Dig It.

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