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Here Is My Video Tutorial On Using The Shepherd’s Sling:

I was first introduced to the Shepherd’s Sling by my grandfather. I was in Northern Portugal, visiting the family and my grandfather pulled out this “gadget” made on some cordage and leather straps.

He explained to me how his dad would use a Shepherd’s Sling to ward off unwanted guests that were trying to attack his sheep.

Shepherd’s slings predate biblical times and are even referenced in the David & Goliath story. There are still modern day Army’s utilizing Shepherd’s Sling’s to launch grenades with much greater distances.

These days, it seems as if  everything is made from paracord. There are bracelets, necklaces and even belts made from paracord. When it comes to building a Shepherd’s Sling, paracord is certainly a viable construction option.

TITAN Survival paracord reviewIt takes quite a bit of practice to get proficient with a Shepherd’s Sling. Factors such as ammunition, wind and athleticism all need to be taken into account. In my video tutorial I explain how you can get started with your Shepherd’s Sling practice.

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I hope that you found my tutorial useful.