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Here Is My Video Review On Valley Storage Food:

When we head out of the trail, there are a few essentials that we should always have with us. Being able to gather water is towards the top of that list but having access to food is another list-topper. When it comes to our food needs, food spoilage, weight & nutrition are all major concerns. Canned food is a viable solution but it greatly adds to our carrying weight. Most canned foods are also ladened with BPA & other toxic chemicals in their liners. Many of the ingredients in these canned foods are added as preservatives. This greatly taxes our digestive system and devotes resources that we need for recovery to digesting these, foreign to the body, chemicals. valley food storage

In the United States Marine Corps we had MRE’s (Meals Ready To Eat.) Most of the MRE’s tasted awful and the recipe was more of a science experiment than it was based on my nutritional needs. They were convenient and lasted for decades As a U.S. Marine, complaining did nothing but give me more tasks to complete & the worst choice of the MRE’s; usually Omelette With Ham. So that was my experience with ready made & dehydrated meals. Let’s just say my opinion was a bit tainted on the subject.

Long Term Food Storage: What’s In Your Pantry?

Recently I was sent a few meals by a company called Valley Food Storage to review. I was skeptical but after researching the company, I agreed to the review. What caught my eye initially was that Valley Food Storage’s products were made in the USA, have a 25 yr shelf life, contained no GMO’s & supposedly tasted very good. I was intrigued but still in doubt. I began my review process and decided to treat the review as if I were out in the field.

I used my backpacking stove, my USGI canteen cup & my spork. I set everything up in my backyard and began testing. All that I really had to do was to bring water to a boil, add in the Valley Storage Food package (I followed the directions that were right on the label) let it cook for 15 minutes and then let it steep for about 5 more minutes. When I opened the package the smell was actually pleasant, so I began to look forward to my taste test. When the moment of truth finally arrived, I stuck my spork in the cup and gave it a bite. Let’s just say that I was extremely impressed with the taste! It tasted the way that pasta primavera should taste. My wife had a few bites, looked at me & said “we need to stock up on these for our camping trips & hikes!”

Valley Food Storage puts their nutritional content label right on the packaging. Every ingredient is listed so there is no guesswork. The ingredients are actually pronounceable & easily understood. That is a far cry from other food supplies catering to the same niche. When it came to comparing Valley Food Storage to the MRE’s that I lived on for years as a Marine.. There was no comparison. Valley Food Storage actually offers you real food where many of the other suppliers concentrate on inferior products which not only hinder your health but also taste awful!

If you want to build a food supply for emergency scenarios or you want a tasty meal to have on the trail with you; take a closer look at Valley Food Storage. I’m quite sure that you will thank me later. 🙂


  • Made In The USA
  • No Hydrogenated Oils
  • No GMO
  • No MSG
  • No Trans Fats
  • Gluten-Free
  • No Fillers
  • HIGH QUALITY BAGS – Our Mylar Bags are Airtight and Resealable
  • 25 Year Shelf Life
  • Free Shipping
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

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