Wazoo Bushcraft Fire Starter Necklace Review

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Here Is My Video Review On The Wazoo Fire Starter Necklace:

Fire building is a must have skill when it comes to preparedness. Having various methods to getting a fire started is also a crucial component of the skill-set. Matches and lighters are excellent fire starters but what happens if you run out of matches or a gas source for your lighters? Even something as simple as a rain storm can quickly render your matches or lighters useless in a hurry.

Having other gear to get your fire started as well as the skills to use that gear is part of the process of being prepared. One of the fire starting methods that I often use with my NTC Members is a ferro rod. As a boy scout, flint & steel was always in my kit. I got used to using it and have continued to do so. Recently, I was sent a couple of Wazoo Bushcraft Fire Starter Necklaces to review. The company contacted me various times before I even received their necklaces to make sure that I knew about all of their features. They also wanted me well-aware that they were there if I needed them for assistance.

Since Wazoo Survival Gear was running their company with such attention to detail, I was eager to receive their bushcraft fire starter necklace. Once I received the necklaces I was impressed with the look. It is actually something that I may wear just because it looks cool. At this point, I wasn’t even sure if it worked as a fire starter or not.. I went ahead and put it through my review process and was definitely impressed with it’s performance. The fact that it can be warn as a necklace & forgotten about makes it a valuable piece of emergency gear that is always with you.

If you want to add a cool piece of survival gear that looks good on but can also save your life, take a close look at this Wazoo Bushcraft Fire Starter Necklace.


  • MADE IN AMERICA – Proudly handcraft in the USA! This 2-Part fire starter pendent contrasts a pure white Zirconia (ZrO2) Ceramic “Scraper” punctuated against a black chamfered Ferrocerium barrel toggle
  • UNISEX DESIGN – fits up to 26″ necks and looks equally great on Flower Power Hippy Chicks as well as Bearded Bear-Wrestling Lumberjacks (…and everyone in between)
  • KNOTTED with time-honored adjustable Double Fisherman’s Bend and Alpine Butterfly Loop
  • 2 BONUSES! Free Video on Bushcraft Necklace Basic Techniques and Proper Care
  • Custom Beeswaxed Jute Tinder to practice your fire starting skills!

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