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I recently purchased a new Chevy Colorado pickup truck. The truck bed is nice and shiny now but as soon as I start to use it for its intended purpose it will soon become dinged, scratched and dirty. I contemplating getting the truck bed sprayed but since the truck is brand new, I wanted to keep my options open for future accessories. I had bought a few protective accessories for my truck from Weathertech and I noticed that they carried truck bed and tailgate liners. Since I was impressed with their other products, I opted to order a truck bed and tailgate liner from them. I placed my order and eagerly awaited.

The liners arrived within a couple of days. I unboxed both liners and read the simple directions in the included manual. I followed the directions and had both liners installed within 30 minutes. The build on these liners is second to none. The fit is so perfect that the liners look like they were put on by the factory. These liners are made to take the abuse that many truck beds get and also look good while doing it.

A few days after installing the liners, I headed to camp with my family. It was a rainy weekend and the liners did exactly what they were designed to do; they protected my truck from my gear as well as the weather. My gear also stayed in place as we drove to camp. Nothing rolled around the truck bed and our equipment remained where we placed it, throughout the whole drive in and out of camp.


  • Fits to the exact contours of application. Made from a 100% recyclable and odorless thermoplastic elastomer. Flexible and durable. Chemical and UV resistant.
  • Installation takes only minutes, without the need for drilling or use of chemical applications.
  • “Soft touch” material helps to prevent cargo from shifting yet provides ease to loading/unloading.
  • TechLiner can be placed underneath rigid high-sided liner to provide additional protection against paint damage.
  • Made In The USA


If you want to protect your truck bed and tailgate from equipment and the weather, take a look at these Weathertech liners. They do the job well and give you versatility in the future, if you choose to remove it.

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