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While I was enjoying some Fun time with mom and the family on Mother’s Day here is the USA yesterday, I had a neighbor come up to me and ask about my KettleBall. He explained to me that they have 2 full rows of KettleBalls at his gym but wasn’t sure what exactly, to do with these Kettle Balls. I kept thinking.. “What the Hell is a Kettle Ball?”

kettlebells and kettle balls
a KettleBell Not A KettleBall

Those that have experience with kettlebells may laugh at this question because of the word “KettleBall” but we were all there and Most Likely, not that long ago. So how do we answer this question without confusing the newcomers and try to entice them at the same time? Well, we can start by correcting the word Kettle Ball. Yes, it is a kettleBELL, not a kettle-ball but there are much more important aspects to the Kettlebell than just it’s unfamiliar, non-descriptive name.

I explained to my mother’s inquisitive neighbor, Joe, that the kettlebell is simply a cast iron ball with a handle connected to the top of it. I explained that research shows that Russians have been using kettlebells for hundreds of years and it was a well kept secret (up until this past decade) to the rest of the world especially those of us in the West. Joe looked at me with a confused stare and quickly exclaimed that “Russians a pretty Bad-A$$.” I nodded and acknowledged his statement by saying “They certainly are!”

Joe, like many whom have no experience with kettlebells assumed that he would use the kettlebells the same way that he uses dumbbells at his gym. I told him that he could, but there was Much more to the kettlebell than just bodybuilding.

The kettlebell can be used in a variety of exercises that will benefit your Health first and foremost. We can use the kettlebell for grind type exercises like Military Presses, just like Joe does with his dumbbells. What Joe didn’t realize was all the movement or ballistic work that can be performed with the kettlebell. I went on for a while with all the benefits that the kettlebell had to offer. However, I realized (after years of lengthy/descriptive talks to clients about Bells) that the most effective way to convey this information over to Joe was to have him feel the benefits by instructing him on some of the drills found in Force Factor Kettlebell Program.

We went over 3 simple Drills: Farmers Carry, Figure 8 Drill and the Rope Swing.

Joe was amazed on how “spent” he was just by performing these 3 drills. He explained to me that he has Never felt anything like this while utilizing dumbbells in his routine. His whole body was feeling the demand being put on it. I explained that this was one of many  Benefits experienced while kettlebell training. We are supposed to move as One machine not a series of segmented parts. Things were beginning to click for Joe..

Joe was now intrigued and even a bit motivated. He told me that he was certainly going to pick up our Force Factor Kettlebell program and will continue his practice from where he just left off. He thanked me and headed back to his home. About 30 minutes later, Joe was back. He wasn’t empty handed this time and he wasn’t carrying a kettleball ;-). He had gathered from my girlfriend that I enjoy an IPA style beer every now and then so he handed me a 6-pack of some very good IPA beer!

So this Mothers Day was not only special for my mother but it was also rewarding for me. Many of us that devote our lives to Coaching perform this service for much more than just a paycheck; We TEACH because we Care.

When an impromptu occasion such as this one occurs and I am able to spread the knowledge…Man, That is One-Hell of a Great Feeling!  😉

I included a tutorial video below on how to avoid knee-pain while performing your Kettlebell Swing.

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Thank you for viewing, I hope that you found this information useful.