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“What the Hell is a tactical pen?” Man… I get this question posed to me a lot.

Simple answer -it is a pen that is built with certain tactical purposes in mind. And… can hold up to those demands put upon it.

What Are Some Of Those Purposes?

  • Self Defense
  • Breaking a car window to perform a rescue
  • Writing Utensil

Some Features Common To A Tactical Pen:

  • They all write, function as an ink pen (important for carrying purposes/ reasons to carry) and convenience. Worse case, you have a good pen on hand.
  • Made of aircraft-grade aluminum or other durable construction.
  • They feature a comfortable thumb rest (good with or without gloves)
  • Glass-breaker/ skull crusher— the business end.
  • Fits well in the hand/ ergonomically designed.

Another Crucial Benefit that cannot be understated (especially those like me that travel internationally) is that a tactical pen can be carried virtually anywhere, where other everyday carry (EDC) would be banned and unlawful; especially when traveling overseas.

Want To Add A Tactical Pen To Your EDC?
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Now… There are tactical pens with multiple features including:

  • Flashlight
  • Fire starter
  • Bottle opener
  • Contains a blade
  • Compass
  • Whistle

With all of these available features, these tactical pens end up better becoming more of a multi-tool than just a pen. 

Keep in mind that when it comes to someone scrutinizing your tactical pen, the more “tactical” that it looks, the more attention that it will get.

Always plan for the areas that you will be operating in and carry accordingly.