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Here Is My Video Review On The Kettlebell Kings:

Over the years, I have released a few different kettlebell programs and kettlebell guides. When members sign up, they are generally excited and ready to invest in whatever it takes to get the most out of those programs.

I recently released my Force Factor Kettlebell program. On our private forum, I get quite a few common questions. As a matter of fact, they are so routine that they are included in all of my manuals.

Far to often, many of my members want to jump right in and begin asking questions, before they have even read through the manual– the first time. The questions are usually similar in nature, But… There is one question, and a valid one it is, that always heads the list:

Which Kettlebell Should I Buy To Get Started?

When I started my kettlebell training, there weren’t too many choices when it came to kettlebells. Prices were extremely high and if you needed to have them shipped, well… that sometimes cost more than the actual kettlebell.

With the growing popularity of kettlebells, choices have increased. There are kettlebells that you can adjust to various weights, others that you can connect to via Bluetooth and even others (which cost a small fortune) that have built in computers allowing it to track your workouts.

To be honest, my recommendation to a beginning kettlebell student is to get whichever kettlebell that they can get their hands on the fastest. Once the student progresses, they will have all the information that they need to get the kettlebells that they actually need for future progression.

With that being said, there are some kettlebell features that I prefer over others. I have a good collection of kettlebells that I have accumulated over the years. They vary in many different ways. To be honest, I love them all, but like everything else in life:

There is the right toll for the right job.

and kettlebells aren’t any different.

Within my Warrior Zero Project, we practice a lot of kettlebell catch and release drills. We are literally, throwing kettlebells around. Within all that practice and exploration, we get to see what feels the best when it comes to the actual features on that specific kettlebell. What may be fine for kettlebell swing movements may not work with kettlebell snatch movements

The timing for conveying this information to my new kettlebell members coincided with a pair of kettlebells that I had been testing for a few months. I am bringing them into this conversation because they contain all the features that I look for in a kettlebell. They are also the two styles of kettlebells that I recommend. Those styles are

  • Competition or Sport Style & Hard Style

Competition Style Kettlebells:
Competition kettlebells are made from steel. They are all the same dimension, regardless of their weight. Most are hollowed out and filled with material in order to make them heavier. To the eye, an 8kg and 24kg kettlebell will look like they weigh the same. That is done so that the competitor’s form does not change as the kettlebell weight changes.

The weight is identified by the various colors. They are offered in both pounds as well as kilograms and some are labeled with both.

Hard Style Kettlebells:
Hard style kettlebells are made from solid cast iron. As the weight of the kettlebell increases, so does the size of the kettlebell. When it comes to the handle, it also increases as the kettlebell gets bigger in size. But at the 24kg size, the kettlebell handle ceases to increase, even as the kettlbell size(s) continue to get heavier.

Some hard style kettlebells have colored markings on them (colors are the same as competition kettlebell sizes) that identify their weight. Most are also stamped with either a kg or lb weight size; Some hard style kettlebells offer both.

If You Weigh Over 150lbs: 20-24kg
If You Weigh Under 150lbs: 16-20kg

**Keep in mind that depending on the kettlebell exercise, recommendations will change.

So now that you know about the differences in kettlebells, let’s get into why I am becoming a big fan of the Kettlebell Kings Kettlebells.

The competition kettlebell by Kettlebell Kings is well balanced. It is made from one mold with no welding. It has a hollow core with no fillers. The logo does not damper any of the training which is an issue with other kettlebells.

The hard style bell by Kettlebell Kings is very well balanced. It has a clean, powder coated handle which certainly- saves the hands. It is labeled with both kilograms and pounds. The logo does not come into play during training.

Both styles of these Kettlebell Kings kettlebell comes with a lifetime warranty. They ship for free within the USA and are priced really for a quality kettlebell.

Bottom Line:

If you are in the market for a a great kettlebell, regardless of style, take a look at Kettlebell Kings. I am happy with what I have felt over the past few months of testing and I know that you will be too.

If you decide to purchase from Kettlebell Kings, please use the link below to help support this website:

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Thank you for viewing, I hope that you found this review helpful.